Bachelor in Paradise

Jarrod Woodgate's in love: 'I'm marrying Keira Maguire!'

The Bachelor in Paradise star admits he's found the one!

By OK! team
Their relationship has been turbulent since the moment they met on Bachelor in Paradise.
But now Jarrod Woodgate and Keira Maguire's love is on track and in full swing.
Speaking to OK! Jarrod, 32, confirms he's totally infatuated with the 31-year-old.
"I can't get her off my mind," he spills. "Every time I do interviews I'll be talking about someone else and I keep saying Keira's name instead!"
Here, Jarrod spills on love, marriage plans… and sexy Paradise sleepovers!
We've watched your ups and downs but things seem great with you and Keira now…
I needed to be sure about her because I want to walk out of here with someone who will be my partner for life!
Whatever she does to me, she makes me feel happy, important, wanted and loved.

So what do you love about Keira?
She could be the one! She is a beautiful person inside and out. She's genuine and calls it as it is.
That's what I'm like. So this is exactly what I want and need – it's the real thing! [And] I'm glad she is stubborn and didn't let me have it straight away because I needed to work for it.
So did you two have any sexy Paradise sleepovers?
[Laughs] There were a couple of sleepovers! There's definitely chemistry between us [but] it was PG-, G-rated.
It gave us privacy and some time to get to know each other without anyone else around, no other influences.
We just wanted to spend our time together. In a room with just the two of us [it] can be pretty full on.

You've admitted you're falling in love with Keira. Could a proposal be on the cards?
At the end of it, who knows where we'll be or what happens?
But I could definitely see… I'm open to the idea of proposals and marriage – you'll just have to wait and see!
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