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"Milky and delicious": What happened when Bec Judd tried her own breast milk

I was just curious one day...

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Rebecca Judd -- model, beauty entrepreneur, television personality and all-round superwoman -- has told a rather #NoFilter story of the moment she tried her own breast milk out of curiosity.
"I was just curious one day and I had a teaspoon so I thought I'm just going to put some on a teaspoon and try it, it was amazing," the yummy mummy told Mamamia's Hello Bump podcast.
"It tasted like a vanilla milkshake – really sweet and milky and delicious," she added.
The confession comes shortly after Bec candidly opened up about the first six weeks after delivering her eldest son, Oscar.
“The first six weeks, in my opinion, are actually the hardest,” Rebecca said on Mamamia's ‘Hello, Bump’ podcast.
“They're far harder than the previous nine to 10 months.”
The 34-year-old, who is married to retired AFL player Chris Judd and devoted mum to five-year-old son Oscar, two-year-old daughter Billie and not-yet-one twin boys Tom and Darcy, recalled how her first experience of motherhood left her feeling anxious and isolated.
“What am I doing? Who is this thing? I don't know if I want him. My life is over,” she questioned.
But the former speech pathologist soon learned her change in demeanour could be chalked up to ‘The Baby Blues,’ which usually strike at three or four days after birth when a new mother’s milk is coming.
“About day four all of a sudden you turn into this crazy hormonal woman, that's the first kind of shock,” she said of the hormonal change.
“No one tells you that you might cry all day because you had a bad tasting risotto.”

Bec, who is beloved for her no filter approach to pregnancy, motherhood and well, life, recently revealed that her most recent pregnancy left her with spider veins up and down her legs.
And she’s taken matters into her own hands, seeking medical treatment to remove them.
“I am getting rid of my 'twin leftovers', and they are spider veins," she said on her afternoon radio show, the 3PM Pick Up. "I got them all injected and they have all disappeared."
“They weren’t that bad after Billie and Oscar, but I think just carrying the twins around, just the pressure and the extra blood, I’d look at my legs and every day I could almost see new blood vessels popping and little veins all over my legs,” Bec adds.
Bec's bandaged legs after a Saturday night spent having her "spider veins" injected.
Bec called in the big guns (er, needles?) to remove the visibility of her "spider veins", and explains that she spent her Saturday night getting said veins injected with a "glue" solution that "makes all of your broken blood vessels disappear!”
“They are really bruised, and they will take a couple of weeks, [but then] they will be back to normal,” she added.
Bec also explained her (slightly odd) trick for dealing with the pain of needles, explaining that "whenever I get my epidural, I munch down on my tongue and make it bleed and it would kind of divert the pain from what’s happening in your spine to your tongue".
Ouch! Bec, we thank you for your honesty.