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EXCLUSIVE: Tim Robards reveals his difficult decision to leave Neighbours left him stressed and sleepless

''It just didn’t feel right.''

By Maddison Hockey
Neighbours fans were devastated when Tim Robards, who plays handsome businessman Pierce Greyson, recently announced his shock departure from the show.
Split between Sydney and Melbourne, lockdown restrictions were making it increasingly difficult to be with his pregnant wife Anna Heinrich, whom he fell in love with on The Bachelor.
Left with little other choice, Tim had to call a wrap on his time on the show earlier than planned.
But, the decision to leave wasn't an easy one, in fact, Tim reveals it was one of the most distressing choices he's ever faced.
"That was probably one of the most stressful times in my life," Tim tells Now To Love.
"It was such a big decision that I didn't take lightly. I wasn't sleeping well, I was so stressed out."
Tim has had to say goodbye to Neighbours and his co-stars. (Instagram)
While he says he usually copes "really well with stress", the idea of letting down the show and its fan base proved a heavy burden on his conscience.
"When you've got to make a decision that will affect others, that's when you wonder, 'Am I doing the right thing?' You're trying to work out what will have the minimal effect on other people."
With COVID lockdown restrictions increasing in Melbourne and Victoria where Neighbours is filmed, it became almost impossible for Tim to film his scenes and make it home to support Anna as her due date loomed closer.
"When we looked at what I had left to shoot, I had about a month to go and with the timing of that, and then having to isolate at a hotel, it was just getting too close to our due date."
"I didn't want to risk not being there for the birth of my child. And also, that would mean at least six weeks away from Anna again, not being able to support her, it just didn't feel right."
Tim didn't want to put missing his first child's arrival to chance. (Instagram)
With actor Don Hany taking over his role for the remainder of his character's storylines, Tim says he's "happy" his departure has had "minimal impact" on the show's filming.
Now, he and Anna are in Sydney together preparing for the arrival of their baby girl.
"I can't wait," Tim says of getting to meet his bub for the first time, "We recently just did our first pre-natal class."
"I'm usually pretty relaxed about these things, but I think now is the time I'm going to have to pull my finger out and get into it."
"We've been working on turning on of our rooms into a nursery, making sure there's clothes and nappies and change tables. It's all exciting."
The couple revealed they're expecting a girl with a gender-reveal party! (Instagram)
Throughout filming, lockdown and baby prep, Tim's still found time to dedicate to his health and fitness.
"When I first got back to Melbourne, that was my one thing, as long as I could work and I could exercise, I was happy," he tells us.

Tim has also shared his expertise, given his health background and own fitness program, to Medibank through its Live Better Rewards App at a time when everyone's focus on health has shifted dramatically.
The chiropractor turned actor relished the chance to create workouts for the app to help those in lockdown stay fit and get back to basics.
"With the Medibank Better At Home series, there's running drills, yoga, mindfulness meditation, a series on how to improve your shoulders, how to strengthen your lower back, it makes you rethink and rehab yourself."

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