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Penny McNamee's brutally honest parenting confession

We love how real this is!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Home and Away star Penny McNamee has been taking a break from her role on the hit soap after giving birth to her daughter Neve in March.
And now just a few months later, the gorgeous actress is getting ready to head back to work - which is a bittersweet moment for the new mum.
The 36-year-old took to Instagram to post an adorable photo of herself and her new bub Neve, opening up about what returning to work meant to her.
"As I sit in bed on what is my last day of maternity leave, I am so so thankful for these past 6 months," Penny wrote.
"Yes there were times when it was hard, and I was tired and teary. But overwhelmingly, I am just so grateful. For our little girl. For our son. For my husband. I tried not to take one moment for granted and I think I very nearly succeeded 💖.
"Now I get to go back to a job I love, and I'm reminded once more to soak it all in. Because inevitably there will be tough times. But right now, things are good, and I'm grateful. ✨🙏Love and blessings to all. Xxx"
So cute!
Penny pictured on her last day of maternity leave. Instagram
Penny with her husband and their other child, four-year-old Jack. Instagram
Penny and her husband Matt Tooker welcomed their daughter into the world earlier this year, joining their four-year-old son Jack to make a family of four.
And just a few months later, mum and bub were headed to the Gold Coast for the TV WEEK Logie Awards, which Penny handled with her typical ease.
"It was her first plane ride and she did really well," Penny told TV WEEK of the interstate flight with a brand new baby.
"The first few months can be a blur with newborns, but I've really enjoyed having time off work and just being a mum."
Art has imitated life for actress Penny McNamee. Getty
And funnily enough, art has imitated life for Penny, whose character Tori on Home And Away also had her own pregnancy storyline.
When Penny first read the script, she had no idea how close to home it would soon become. Just one month later, Penny herself found out she was pregnant.
"Everyone thinks the story was written because I fell pregnant, but I actually found out within a month of it happening to my character [in the show]," she told TV WEEK.
"It's been good – and it gave me a real grasp of where Tori was at."
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We can't wait to see more of Penny on our TV screens!

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