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Married At First Sight's Sarah Roza’s beautiful baby news

It looks like she's going it alone.

By Rebel Wylie
In an incredibly brave and candid Instagram post, Married at First Sight 2018 favourite, Sarah Jane Roza has shared some beautiful news with her 335,000 followers … her dream to become a mother is still alive.
Sarah Jane Roza captured our hearts on 2018's Married at First Sight, not least of all for her openness in seeking love, and even more so for the candid way she wore her heart on her sleeve.
Her latest post proves that is all still true.

She captioned this biological photo: "The next chapter in my life & undoubtedly the most important... I'm beyond excited! #future #exciting #empoweredwoman #sohappy #blessed #grateful #allthesingleladies #ilovescience"
It looks like Sara Roza is going it alone and we are all in it with her.
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Of course, this is not Sarah's first pregnancy. The 39-year-old Melbourne beauty shared the story of the miscarriage that took her twins from a relationship prior to her joining the cast of MAFS openly during her on air-marriage to Telv Williams.
Fans whose hearts broke with her then, and again in the following devastating end of her and Telv's relationship, have now chimed in to share in her joy. Comments included:
"Omg sweetheart, you go get em. You are amazing. Wish you all the best hun xx"
"You are such an inspiration Sarah!"
"One of my babies is IVF. What a wonderful and exciting journey you're about to start."
"This is super exciting. You will make the most amazing mother x I wish you all the happiness in your new chapter."
Sarah Jane Roza is determined to be a mother, even is she has to do it alone.
Sarah spoke with TV Week about the tragic loss of her twins which happened just 18 months before MAFS aired.
She recalled during MAFS that her joy at expecting twins soon turned to heartache when her partner at the time had confessed he didn't want to be with the beauty specialist anymore.
"His family just never liked me," the 38-year-old told TV WEEK.
"I didn't come from the rich side of the tracks. They wanted a real Stepford Wife for their son."
Sarah says hearing the news she was pregnant with twins filled her with sadness.
"It was soul-destroying," she says.
Despite her partner leaving her, Sarah was determined to continue with the pregnancy and raise the children on her own.
"At that point I was 37 and I thought, 'I don't know if I'll get another chance and I'll just figure it out,'" she says.
Sadly it was not to be.
"I lost one baby at about two-and-a-bit months and the second at about three-and-a-bit months," she explains.

At the time, Sarah admitted she didn't tell anyone about her pregnancy, which made grieving for her babies even more difficult.
"I was definitely in a very dark place for quite a few months afterwards," she says. "I think the best way to describe it is like being in a fog. I knew I would eventually get out of it, but I just couldn't make myself do it."
This time it looks like she's determined to do things differently, sharing her happy news with everyone from the very beginning, and we could not be more thrilled for her.

From the moment they laid eyes on one another at the altar Sarah Roza and Telv Williams became one of the standout couples of Married At First Sight.
We all wanted them to get the full happy ending, making the news of their ugly split devastating for all of us.
Telv, who has two children from a previous relationship, went on to find new love with Maddie Carolan - but they recently broke up.