Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: The truth about the Married at First Sight newlyweds

The new Married at First Sight Australia contestants spill all their secrets...

By OK! team
Ahead of its January 29 air date (can't wait!!), OK! sat down for a deep and meaningful) chat with the new cast of Married at First Sight Australia.
And with secrets like these, you'd better brace yourself for some serious couple drama this season!

Alycia: “I lost 30.5kg!”

Alycia was so determined to look her best for her big day, that she shed 30.5kg!
"I'm a larger girl and I just wanted to feel beautiful," says the 28-year-old student, who weighed 97.5kg before seeking help from a health professional.
"It really paid off."
Alycia took "shredding for the wedding" to a whole new level.

Telv: “I’m a package deal!”

The 39-year-old mine worker has one major deal breaker for his bride – she'll have to get along with his kids, Miah, three, and TJ, two.
"If my wife has a problem with kids, we're not going to work."
Telv thought seriously about his deal breakers before going on the show.

Sarah: “I lost my unborn twins”

Sarah Roza was left heartbroken when she suffered a double miscarriage in 2016 – three months after her partner walked out on her.
Two years on, Sarah says she would "love" to have children, but is also open to marrying a man with kids: "It wouldn't faze me."
Sarah would "love" to have kids.

Jo: “I won’t make my kids move”

Any man who falls for Jo will have to settle down in SA – where she lives with her kids Zara, 10, and Angus, 14. "I'd rather stay single than uproot everyone," the 39-year-old explains.
Jo's kids at are at the top of her priority list.

Dean: “A girl has to look good!”

While Dean, 39, believes brains are important, he also likes "feminine women who wear nice clothes. I definitely need to be attracted to the person physically."
Confident Dean definitely has a type when it comes to women.

Matt: “I’m married to Nan!”

Any woman who ends up with Matt, 32, will have a tough act to follow – his beloved late nan!
"When she passed away, I felt lonely for the first time. I was ready for a relationship."
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Matt's a real Nanna's boy at heart.

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