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Dawson’s Creek star James Van Der Beek shares devastating miscarriage news

It would have been the couple’s sixth child.

By Fiona Wright
James Van Der Beek has shared the heartbreaking news that he and his wife, Kimberly have suffered a miscarriage.
The couple are parents to five children, Gwendolyn, 16 months, Emilia, 3½, Annabel Leah, 5½, Joshua, 7½ and Olivia, 9.
James, 42 is currently starring on the US season of Dancing with the Stars. On Monday evening, James shared the couple's miscarriage news, before he took to the stage for emotional performance which he dedicated to his wife.
"My wife Kimberly and I went through every expecting parent's worst nightmare. We lost the baby," said a heartbroken James in a video package.
"The little soul that we had expected to welcome into our family took a shortcut to whatever lies beyond."
"You never know why these things happen, that's what I've been telling my kids. All you know is that it brings you closer together, it breaks you open, it opens up your heart, it deepens your appreciation. It makes you more human."
James and his wife Kimberly are parents to these five adorable children. (Instagram)
Following the heartbreaking news, the former Dawson's Creek star was planning not to dance but chose to perform for Kimberly, 37 who encouraged him to continue in the competition.
"Kimberly, I love you," said James. "Kimberly, I'm dancing for you, I'm dancing for us, so here we go, babe."
James went onto perform the Foxtrot to Hozier's Take Me to Church and afterwards broke down in tears as his professional partner, Emma Slater comforted him.
"Kimberly, I love you. Thank you for pushing me out on that dance floor," said James before judges awarded the routine 27/30.
"Thank you for everything you do. I don't know how you do it. Five kids. You're amazing."
James also shared the tragic news on Instagram.
"Wrecked. Devastated. In shock. That's how we're feeling right now after the soul we thought were going to welcome into our family in April... has taken a short cut to whatever lies beyond this life," he began the post.
"We've been through this before, but never this late in the pregnancy, and never accompanied by such a scary, horrific threat to @vanderkimberly and her well-being."
"Grateful that she's now recovering, but we've only just begun unpacking the layers of this one. Thank you to all of our friends and co-workers (and dance partners) who have shown up for us so beautifully during this time. As many of you have said, "There are no words..." and it's true. Which is why in a time like this it's enough to know that you're there. Grieving AND counting our blessings today."
Devastated. Kimberly is comforted by her daughter, Olivia. (Instagram)
James revealed the couple's pregnancy news on Instagram on October 7, where he touched on the couple's past painful experiences of miscarriage.
"Thrilled beyond belief to announce that another little bundle of joy has picked us to be their family. We chose to have our first ultrasound on camera with our #DWTS crew capturing the result - something I NEVER thought we'd ever do... but @vanderkimberly and I have been through three of those first appointments to discover either no heartbeat, or no baby, and she wanted to share this moment," he wrote.
"Miscarriage (a word that needs a replacement - nobody failed to "carry", these things sometimes just happen) is something that people rarely talk about, and often go through in secret."
"But there needs to be zero shame around it, or around giving yourself the time and space to grieve. We decided to put ourselves out there - not knowing what we'd find - in an effort to chip away at any senseless stigma around this experience and to encourage people who might be going through it to open themselves up to love & support from friends and family when they need it most. Happily, for us - this time- we walked out with tears of joy."