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"It's a big life shift for me right now": Daniel Macpherson explains how fatherhood has changed him and teases his exciting new acting role

It's been a massive year for the beloved Aussie actor.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Aussie actor Daniel Macpherson became a father for the first time last year, but he and wife Zoe Ventoura managed to keep the news under wraps entirely, publicly announcing their son's arrival a whole five months after Zoe gave birth.
The notoriously private couple, who usually split their time between Sydney and LA, have chosen to keep their personal life private, offering up few public details and rarely posting about each other on social media.
But now the 40-year-old has opened up about fatherhood for the first time, while also revealing how the current pandemic has affected his work schedule.
"Time has been a really blessing to just press stop and be completely present where I am, to enjoy being around not only my own family, but my father and my sister and just be back in Australia and not be looking when the next flight is to the next job to the next place," Daniel revealed on the latest episode of athlete Samantha Gash's podcast.
"This time, this pause, finishing three series as a lead in my big American show, Strike Back, turning 40, discovering fatherhood and stepping into fatherhood for the first time ... it's kind of a big life shift happening for me right now," Daniel explained.
"So to have this time to just sort of process that has been really good."
He added: "It doesn't matter what youo believe in, whether you believe in God or the universe or Mother Nature or karma or whatever, life puts you where you're supposed to be.
"And life went 'Hey man, you're going to be right there, locked inside an apartment for X amount of months with your son and your wife. And thank you! What a gift."
Daniel Macpherson and Zoe Ventoura first met on the set of Channel Seven drama Wild Boys in 2011. Image: Getty
Zoe posted this rare couple selfie in celebration of Daniel's 40th birthday recently. Image: Instagram
He also hinted at a major new career move, revealing he's starring in a "big job" that is yet to be announced.
"I'm on hiatus from a job that has not yet been announced, and it is a big job" he said.
Juggling his work commitments, which almost always require overseas travel, with his responsibilities as a husband and a father, require compromise with his wife Zoe.
"Thankfully I have a very understanding wife when I rang up and said 'Hey, I think I might have got this job', having told her that I was going to take at least three months off to come home and recover from seven months away and be there as a husband and as a new father ... thankfully I have someone in my life who understands," he said.
Daniel splits his time between the US and Australia. Image: Instagram
The fitness fanatic opened up about fatherhood in a new podcast this week. Image: Instagram
Zoe, 39, and Daniel met and fell in love on the set of Channel Seven drama Wild Boys in 2011.
They secretly tied the knot in Noosa – the same place the actor proposed - four years later.
The former Home and Away and Neighbours stars announced the arrival of their son Austin in a statement earlier this month, after photos of the acting duo spending time with their new son at home in Sydney emerged online.
"I am very happy to confirm that Zoë and Dan welcomed a baby boy in December last year," a spokesperson for the couple told The Herald Sun.
"Austin Xavier arrived healthy and smiling. Mum, Dad and baby are all happy and well."

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