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Daniel Macpherson breaks his silence on his exciting baby news and gives a rare insight into fatherhood

The hugely private star gave fans an update on how he's coping with a newborn.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Aussie actors Daniel Macpherson and Zoe Ventoura shocked fans last week when the couple revealed they had welcomed their first child together almost six months ago, without anybody noticing at all.
The famously private pair chose to keep their happy news under wraps, but the cat was let out of the bag, so to speak, when photos of the acting duo spending time with their new son at home in Sydney emerged online.
And just yesterday, the couple officially confirmed the news, revealing the lovely name the former Home and Away and Neighbours stars chose.
"I am very happy to confirm that Zoë and Dan welcomed a baby boy in December last year," a spokesperson for the couple told The Herald Sun.
"Austin Xavier arrived healthy and smiling. Mum, Dad and baby are all happy and well."
Daniel and Zoe met on the set of Channel Seven TV show Wild Boys in 2011. Image: Getty
Zoe uploaded this sweet couple selfie in celebration of Daniel's 40th birthday recently. Image: Instagram
And now Daniel, 40, has given fans a rare insight into his personal life, in a hilariously relatable tweet about fatherhood that has struck a chord with his followers.
"5 months in and I've learnt that 90% of fatherhood is yelling ;which bag is it in?' from the other room," he joked.
Many of Daniel's followers replied to his tweet with some tongue-in-cheek suggestions, warning him about what lies ahead for the new father.
"That's nothing Dan. Wait until your in the car and down the street and get asked do you pack the nappy bags or a change of clothes. That's when you know your in trouble with the boss!" one fan replied.
Another wrote: "Lol... You have much to learn... Just wait for.. 'What did you put in your mouth?'"
And this fan had some wise words of wisdom too: "Now is probably a good time to let you know the back seat of your car will never look the same again. One day in 8yrs time you'll find Tiny Teddy biscuits that need a shave."
Dan is now back living in Australia after spending time time in LA for work. Image: Instagram
The Strike Back star's hilarious honest parenting confession was met with amusement and support from fans. Image: Instagram
Zoe, 39, and Daniel met and fell in love on the set of Channel Seven drama Wild Boys in 2011 and secretly tied the knot in Noosa – the same place the actor proposed - four years later.
They had previously split their time between LA and Sydney, but now the couple are based permanently in Australia.

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