We round up the best ways your favourite celebs have summed up being a dad

Heart explosion in progress.

By Jess Pullar
Muddy carpets, drawings on the walls and a seemingly endless pile of washing sound confronting on paper - but when it comes to the lives of our youngest trouble makers, it's all worth it in the end.
The proof is in the rather heartwarming pudding. You've no doubt seen, stopped and stared fondly at some famous celebrity dads dote over their kids.
Whether it's hilarious quips with jokester dads, to loving birthday tributes and candid reminders of the realities of parenthood, some of Australia's favourite celebrities are open books when it comes to being a father.
So, to share the love (and, at times, giddiness), we decided to round up the best ways celebrity dads have explained fatherhood.
Prepare yourselves, and maybe grab the tissues - you might get a little something in your eye after reading these.