Cruel WA fishermen captured dragging dying shark behind car at high speed

WARNING: Distressing content.
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Shocking footage has emerged of fishermen in Western Australia dragging a dying shark behind a car at high speed.

The sick video was uploaded to a WA fishing Facebook page and shows a shark being towed behind a car while still alive.

The bleeding animal was dragged for kilometers while the fisherman laugh. At one point during the filmed footage a man is heard saying, “He is done.”

The shark was dragged for kilometers behind a vehicle at high speed.

Somewhat unbelievably, the fishermen in the video may not be fined unless the shark is found to be a protect speciese or above size limits.

Attacks on animals are occurring more frequently and people are calling for changes to legislation around animal welfare.

“We have to change legislation, they need to protection under the review of the animal act,” the RSPCA’s Dave Vanooran told 9NEWS.

There are also calls for smart drumlines, similar to the ones in place in NSW, to be used across WA to reduce the risk of shark attacks.

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