A great grandmother from the UK has received an absolutely DISGUSTING Mother’s Day card

If it was someone's idea of a joke, it was in terribly bad taste and has left me really upset.
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Mother’s day has come and gone in the UK, and while most women who celebrated will be recalling warm, loving memories for months to come, one great-grandmother will struggle to forget the VILE words anonymously sent to her under the guise of a mother’s day card from her daughter.

Dorothy Hopkins has six children, eight grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren and told she was very “very pleased” to receive what she thought were six lovely cards to celebrate the day.

When she went to open the card from her daughter Mandy, she found that it had already been opened.

Thinking little of it, Dorothy continued to open the card and found a shocking message inside – shockingly, this card for the great-grandmother been vandalised.

“It is an absolute disgrace. If it was someone’s idea of a joke, it was in terribly bad taste and has left me really upset,” Dorothy said.

For those who wish to see the card, you can see it in full below.

All the UK postal services involved in the delivery of the envelope have said they are looking into the incident.

Strong language warning on the image of the card below.

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