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Aussie woman born with two vaginas!

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Evelyn Miller, 32, from Gold Coast, Qld shares her story with Take 5:

Alone in my bedroom, I tried again to insert the tampon.

It was 2003, and, aged 13, I had recently started getting my period.

“It won’t go in,” I moaned to my mum.

“It will, Evelyn,” she responded. “You mustn’t be doing it properly.”

As much as I tried, I couldn’t get it to insert.

I was 16 when I got my first boyfriend, but when we attempted sex for the first time, it was incredibly painful.

“I feel like I’m hitting something,” he explained, as he tried to enter me.

Something was abnormal about my anatomy, but with only dial-up internet on our property outside of Adelaide, I couldn’t search for answers easily.

I dated a few guys during my late teens and with perseverance I managed to make sex happen, if they entered at a certain angle.

At 20, my boyfriend and I fell pregnant.

It took me years to discover I was different down there. (Image: supplied.)

I don’t want to raise kids with him, I quickly realised.

Soon after, I arranged to have a termination. Waking up on the hospital bed in 2011, a doctor stood over me with a perplexed look.

“We’ve discovered that you’ve got uterus didelphys,” he announced.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Two vaginas,” he responded. “They lead to two separate uteri, each with their own ovary. All functioning.”

So that explains it! I thought, relieved to finally have an answer for my pain.

I learnt that the rare condition is thought to affect just 0.3 per cent of women.

It is usually spotted during a routine pelvic exam.

The doctor said I was pregnant on the left side and that if I had the termination, it would be difficult for me to get pregnant again, given the small size of my dual reproductive systems.

Doctors told me it would be difficult to get pregnant. (Image: supplied.)

It was a hard decision, but I still chose to end the pregnancy.

Soon after, the relationship with my boyfriend also ended.

I was close to finishing my nursing training and began to consider ways to make the most of my own unique form.

I could make money out of one, I figured, and keep the other for my private life.

With this realisation, I picked up work as an escort.

I would always manoeuvre clients into my left vagina, so they never found out I had two.

That was until my services were employed by a gynaecologist.

“Is there two down there?” he asked.

There was no point lying.

“I have to take a look,” he said excitedly, moving in for a closer inspection. “This is so intriguing!”

Although his professional interest made what followed rather awkward, I’ve always been able to remain emotionally detached while working.

Tom and I got together in 2018. (Image: supplied.)

In 2018, I went out for a drink with a guy I’d known as a teenager named Tom.

We instantly reconnected and after a few dates, I built up the courage to show him my twin passages.

He was fascinated by them, but his interest in me went much further than my body.

“I’m going to quit escorting,” I told him one day. “I want to focus on us.”

The next year, Tom and I went on a holiday to the Gold Coast.

We loved it so much we decided to pack up our life in Adelaide and move there together.

Around this time, the website OnlyFans was growing in popularity.

It allows creators of adults-only videos to make money from subscribers.

“You’d be a hit for sure,” Tom encouraged.

I decided to give it a go.

Tom created a studio in our home so he could film me performing a sexy routine in which I showed off my body down below.

Tom encouraged me to showcase my unique anatomy on OnlyFans. (Image: supplied.)

The video wasn’t an instant success, but we continued making more, promoting the content through various websites.

Before long, the online community had caught wind of me.

Subscriptions grew, as did the requests for unique content.

Let’s see you use it, one person wrote.

So Tom stepped out from behind the camera and we showed it worked perfectly.

Soon, I was earning thousands of dollars a week, and able to live off the income I was drawing from these videos.

OnlyFans finally helped me embrace my condition, and gave me a platform to raise awareness of it.

Contrary to the doctor’s predictions, I fell pregnant again in 2020.

I hadn’t intended to keep using OnlyFans while pregnant, but then I saw how many people enjoy pregnancy content.

Thousands of men paid for videos in which I told Tom that the baby was theirs as he pretended to be outraged.

In 2020, Tom and I fell pregnant with our first child. (Image: supplied.)

But there were also requests I declined.

Pretend you’ve got an alien in your stomach, one subscriber asked.

I want you to fit your entire body into the leg of a nylon stocking, so you look like a sausage, wrote another.

While I would never criticise someone’s fetish, there are some things I don’t want on the internet.

Our son, Andrew was born in 2021 and just three months later we fell pregnant with our daughter Georgia, also on the right.

My kids are my biggest joy and other women with uterus didelphys who follow me online have been encouraged to see that motherhood can still happen.

Tom and I married in 2022. (Image: supplied.)

Tom and I married in December 2022.

We plan to wind down the amount of adult videos we create and move further into online marketing.

When our kids are old enough to ask about sex, we’ll let them know about our OnlyFans work, but that’s a long way off.

For now, I’m content knowing the two vaginas that brought me so much pain in my youth have provided a life for my children and given joy to thousands.

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