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Take 5’s Ripper Real Life is a hilarious FREE weekly podcast featuring four of the Take 5 team telling their most shocking and jaw-dropping real-life stories… and having a good old giggle along the way.

Each episode is packed full of drama, heartache, betrayal and love… and that’s just the team arguing over who gets the coffee!

They say real life is stranger than fiction and when you tune in to hear Mary, Kim, Kate and Paul sharing their ripper yarns from Australia and around the world, we’re sure you’ll agree.

If you’re a fan of Gogglebox you’ll LOVE this.

Below, we’ve compiled our best episodes so far but there are plenty more to listen to.

Mary, Kim, Kate and Paul don’t hold back!

Should I date my stepson?

Mandy, 48, faces telling her family a very uncomfortable truth after some new feelings bubble to the surface. Will she go through with it?

She had me shot in the face, but I still love her!

Ray Weatherall, 53, was like a cat with nine lives. He recently discovered he had brain cancer, survived an explosion and was the victim of a shooting. He only marginally escaped with his life each time. Someone was after him. When he found out who it was his life changed forever.

You can’t date HIM, Mum!

Diane Diane, 51, from Launceston, TAS, took 14-year-old Theo in after his mother died in a car accident. She became a second mother to him until he was old enough to step out on his own. Years later, they reunited and their relationship took a shocking turn.

A secret in the spare room

Penelope Hartford-Davis, 69, from Tasmania thought she’d found the one when she met Mark Ludemann online. He moved in with her and she thought he was the perfect husband. But unfortunately for Penelope, his true colours came out when she became ill.

My poor girl – aged 10 with J-cup boobs!

Claire Kerr was shocked when she noticed that her ten-year-old daughter’s breasts had already started growing. But once they started, they wouldn’t stop!

I slept with his DAD to get even

Laura Abram, 29, first got together with her boyfriend, Calvin, when she was 16.

They stayed together through school and went on to get jobs in the workforce.

One day she found out that he was cheating on her with another woman. She broke it off and tried to move on, but when Calvin’s silver fox father called her to ask if she wanted to get a drink she couldn’t resist saying yes.

I love my sexless relationship!

Lauren, 21, from Sydney, NSW, thought there was something wrong with her. Although she craved romance, Lauren was utterly repulsed by the idea of sex. After searching for answers, Lauren realised that she was asexual and there were thousands of other people like her. She was relieved, but never thought she’d be able to find a man who wanted to be in a sexless relationship. Until she met Andrew on Tinder.

I was conned by THREE slippery lovers

Suzie Kazungu, 60, from Brisbane, Qld, was lonely. She craved a partner to share her time with. One day, she met a man online name David and he seemed to good to be true. Unfortunately for Suzie, he was. David was a scammer and managed to manipulate her into giving him all of her savings. But Suzie didn’t learn her lesson.

My hubby disappeared just weeks after having triplets

When Sandra, 49, got together with Martin, 27, she never expected that they’d have a baby. But after months of persuading her, she decided to go through with IVF and fell pregnant with triplets. They were over the moon, but the realities of having three babies took it’s toll on the couple.

My hubby, 57, dumped me for an 86 year old!

Fiona,48, met Kevin at a work Christmas party. They dated, got married and were happily together for ten years until they started having problems. Fiona started to suspect that Kevin was cheating. She thought she was being paranoid until one day she saw something that flipped her world upside down.

Mum offered me $20,000 to murder dad

Greg never had a great relationship with his mum, Helen, but his step-dad, Phil, was always there for him. His mum would always rag on about Phil, causing silly arguments whenever she wanted. One day, she asked Greg to do the unthinkable.

Doctors said I’d never conceive – then gave birth to a chicken!

Claire from NSW was desperate to have a child. To prepare for childbirth, she’d use a tool called a Yoni egg, a heavy egg-shaped piece of jade that women carry inside themselves during the day to keep her pelvic floor muscles strong. One day, when she was visiting her boyfriend Felix’s family farm the power went out. His little sister panicked. She was incubating chicken eggs and they needed constant heat. You’ll never believe what Claire did next.

These are just a selection of the crazy stories the Take 5 team have covered! Click any of the tabs below to check out more hilarious episodes!

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