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REAL LIFE: A psychic’s warning at the RSL saved my life … and my relationship, too

''I couldn’t tell the doctors why I needed to get myself checked.''
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Patty Perez, 45, from Western Sydney, NSW, shares her story with Take 5’s Candice Habershon:

The sign said it all.

“Welcome to Byron Bay. Cheer up. Slow down. Chill out,” it read.

That summed up the reason I was there. For over 20 years, I had been busy raising three children.

My partner Eli and I were on the verge of breaking up.

I was burnt out and needed a break. I’d come to Byron Bay, NSW, for a few days to be on my own.

On my first day, I went to the visitor’s centre and saw a flyer for a psychic expo to be held the next day at the RSL.

Curious, I went along the following day.

The psychic expo was held the day after Patty arrived.

(Image: Supplied)

I wanted to get a reading so I wandered around hoping to feel a connection with someone but it didn’t happen.

Then, as I was walking towards the exit, I brushed past a woman with a kind smile and a strong energy.

“We need to talk,” she said to me.

I followed her to her stall and booked in a time for our reading.

Her name was Victoria. When the time came, she motioned to her abdomen.

“I’m getting a strong feeling in this area,” she said, making a gushing noise. “When you get home, go straight to your doctor.”

I didn’t have any symptoms but made a mental note of it.

Patty with her partner, Eli.

(Image: Supplied)

We also spoke about my relationship with Eli.

I told her it was on the rocks.

“Be patient,” she advised. “The best is yet to come.”

After my mini break, I went home to Sydney and got busy with work and the kids.

A few months went by and I noticed I was getting bloated sometimes and wondered if I was gluten intolerant.

Remembering Victoria’s warning, I booked in to my GP and got some blood tests.

They came back normal but I insisted on seeing a gastroenterologist.

Patty on holiday in Byron Bay.

(Image: Supplied)

The specialist said my markers were only slightly high.

“I still want a colonoscopy,” I said.

“You’ll have to pay for it privately,” the doctor told me.

“That’s fine,” I replied.

I couldn’t tell them the reason I was being so insistent was because a psychic had told me to get myself checked out.

They’d think I was loopy.

Two weeks later, when I woke up from the operation a nurse was holding one of my hands and the doctor the other.

“I’m sorry to tell you you’ve actually got bowel cancer,” the doctor said.

I could tell he was shocked.

They had to send a sample off for testing to be totally sure.

Patty in hospital.

(Image: Supplied)

Eli and I drove home in stunned silence.

Unfortunately, key hole surgery didn’t work so I wound up having open surgery to have parts of my bowel removed and was left with an ileostomy bag.

The good thing was that they got all the cancer.

By the time most people get tested for bowel cancer it’s already spread and often incurable.

“It’s amazing we caught it so early. You’re young with no family history. How did you know?” one doctor asked.

“A psychic told me,” I answered simply.

I was in a lot of pain.

The bag was uncomfortable.

I was dizzy all the time and Eli had to hold me up in the shower and help me get dressed.

Patty’s life had changed.

(Image: Supplied)

I became very depressed.

Eli was my rock. I couldn’t have coped without him.

It made me see him in a different light.

Sure, he might be quiet, but he was also solid and dependable.

I fell in love with him all over again.

The psychic had been right: the best really was yet to come.

Eight months later, I had my stoma and ileostomy bag removed and slowly started to recover.

I’m now cancer-free and Eli and I are happier than ever.

I’ve thanked Victoria profusely for her help and have been to her for more sessions since then.

Thankfully she hasn’t predicted anything too sinister in my future.

I’ve learnt not to take life, and my Eli, for granted.

Sometimes what’s good for you is by your side all along.

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