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Pronounced dead… then I WATCHED doctors bring me back

‘Miracle man’ felt his spirit leave his body then saw himself being revived

Kevin Hill, 55, shares his remarkable story with Take 5…

The young nurse lightly brushed ointment onto my leg.

“Ow!” I screamed, sending her flying out of the room.

It was June 2022, and I’d been in hospital for nine months following a heart operation.

Although it was successful, I’d contracted a rare condition known as calciphylaxis.

It produced clots in my legs which caused large patches of my flesh to die.

It felt like someone was pouring molten lava into my bones.

‘After weeks of pain, my wounds began bleeding rivers of blood.’ (Image: supplied)

“You need to say goodbye to your husband,” I overheard the doctors saying to my wife, Camille.

She then came in and assured me I’d make it through, but her bloodshot eyes told a different story.

After weeks of pain, my wounds began bleeding rivers of blood.

The medical staff went into emergency mode. When bandages couldn’t stop the blood loss, they used nappies, but that didn’t work either.

As I drifted in and out of consciousness, all I could think about was my wife and our four beautiful children, and how much I’d miss them.

Don’t let me die! I prayed in desperation.

Camilla, Kevin’s wife, and Kevin. (Image: supplied)

For three days, the blood loss continued, until finally I felt my spirit leave my body.

I entered a peaceful spirit realm and could see the nurses trying to revive me.

Everything’s going to be all right, I felt a voice say.

The next thing I knew I woke up, as if from a dream.

“You’re a miracle man,” one of the doctors said. “We pronounced you dead.”

From that point on, the bleeding stopped and my body began to recover.

My wife and kids had accepted I was going to die that day, and I did, too.

Thankfully, I’d been given a second chance.

Kevin is taking life by the reins after his near-death experience. (Image: supplied)

My story of resurrection has made news headlines right around the world and some sceptics have called me a fool.

But what I experienced was real and I want people to know that we don’t have to fear death.

I’m sharing my story in my upcoming book, The Resilient Miracle.

Being dead has made me realise that we waste so much time on things that don’t matter.

The most important thing in life is the time spent with the ones you love.

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