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REAL LIFE: My best friend had my husband’s baby and I found out hours after giving birth to his son

I delivered a baby, she delivered a bombshell!
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Vicky Crossland, 27, shares her shocking real life story…

I wrote down the last few items I needed, then handed the shopping list to my friend, May.

“Thanks so much, babe,” I said. “I feel like a beached whale.”

At six months pregnant, I was already huge and could barely move from the couch. Luckily my husband, Shahzad and my bestie May were on hand to help.

Shahzad was a chef I’d met six years before. We’d married and had a son, Issac.

May was a family friend I’d met through Shahzad. She had her own children but wasn’t married.

“You rest up, that’s what we’re here for,” she said kindly, scooping up the shopping bags.

May was such a help.

Shahzad worked long hours and May often popped round for a chat and to check if I needed anything.

“I’m so lucky to have you,” I told her.

At 34 weeks, I suddenly had sharp stomach pains.

I tried to get hold of Shahzad but he wasn’t answering his phone.

“Call me as soon as you get this,” I said, leaving a message before I drove myself to hospital.

The doctor told me that hormones were leaking into my blood so they needed to get the baby out straight away.

Panicking, I tried Shahzad’s phone again but to no avail.

Luckily, my mum, Sharon was available to come in and hold my hand as doctors delivered my son Sahil – Si for short.

A few minutes later, a breathless Shahzad burst into the room.

“I’m sorry – I fell asleep in my car,” he panted, his face lighting up as he set eye on Si.

I was too exhausted to be angry with him.

“Do you want to hold your son,” I smiled.

Luckily, my mum was there to hold my hand.


After some cuddles, Shahzad had to return to work, and I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to May coming into the ward.

I smiled – I couldn’t wait for her to meet Si.

Only, May wasn’t smiling back.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I’ve got some news,” she said, sounding nervous. “Turns out I’m pregnant.”

“Wow!” I said, surprised. I didn’t even know she was seeing anyone.

“Congratulations. So, er, who’s the dad?”

“A guy called Ahmed,” she mumbled, staring at the floor.

“You don’t see very thrilled,” I said. “Are you pleased?”

“Well, I think so,” she said.”I just… I suppose I don’t know how I feel.”

After she left, I kept wondering why she’d seemed so nervous so I sent her a text to ask if she was OK.

She replied two minutes later.

I lied about who the dad was. It’s Shahzad.

I nearly dropped the phone. Was this some sort of sick joke?

I called her and demanded answers.

“I’m sorry, Vick,”she sobbed. “He said not to tell you but I can’t lie anymore.”

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“I lied about who the dad was.”


I was dumbstruck. Here I was lying in a hospital bed hours after giving birth and my best friend was telling me she was pregnant with my husband’s child.

I totally lost it and started screaming at her before hanging up. A nurse came in to see what the commotion was and I blurted it all out.

I looked at Si and felt heartbroken that he’d have no happy family.

When Shahzad came to pick me up and take me home, I confronted him.

“You and May,” I glared. “I know everything.”

At first, he tried to deny it. For the entire car journey he said she was making it up, but when we got home, he finally admitted they’d been sleeping together for ten months.

Worst of all, he’d lied about falling asleep in the car as I’d given birth. He’d been having sex with May.

But he insisted he wasn’t the father of her child.

“She’s definitely lying about that,” he said. “Look, it wasn’t anything… I love you and I love the kids. I didn’t want her to get pregnant!”

“Make up your mind!” I snapped. “First she’s lying, then you DID get her pregnant? Just get out!”

May kept messaging saying she was sorry but I ignored her. After three weeks Shahzad tried to worm his way back, still arguing May’s baby wasn’t his.

I had to let him see the boys, but it was painful.

Months passed and one day soon after May had her baby, I asked Shahzad to do a paternity test. I wanted to know one way or the other.

“After three weeks Shahzad tried to worm his way back, still arguing May’s baby wasn’t his.”


“Why can’t you just let it go?” he yelled.

“It’s that or nothing,” I said.

If the baby really wasn’t his, perhaps we could get through this?

I thought he’d agree but next thing I knew he was running towards me and punching me in the face.

Isaac was in the kitchen and saw it all. He looked horrified.

Eventually, Shahzad stopped.

“I’ll kill you and the kids if you ever leave me,” he snarled.

When he left the house, I packed a bag and fled with the boys to Mum’s. Her partner took me to the police station and Shahzad was arrested.

I moved to a different town but couldn’t sleep for months, convinced he’d find me. Months later, I gave evidence behind a screen at court and he was found guilty of assault and sentenced to 20 weeks in prison.

He’s out now but knows if he comes after me the police will lock him up for a long time.

I’m not in touch with May anymore. I feel sorry for their little one, but not for her.

I’m better off without them both.

Every time I celebrate Si’s birthday, I don’t want to think of it as the day my bestie revealed her betrayal but rather the day I started my new, happier life.

*May is a false name

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