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“Mum seduced my man at our daughter’s funeral”

Ultimate betrayal: While Leanne was mourning the loss of her baby, her partner and her own mother were getting close.
The ultimate betrayal: Mum seduced my man at our daughter's funeral

Leanne Wreford, 20, true confession:

Everything was going amazingly well with my new boyfriend , Aaron.

He’d taken me to the cinema and bowling, made me laugh, and showered me with gifts . There was just one thing I’d been putting off.

“I think it’s time you met Mum,” I told him.

Growing up, me and my mum Faye had been close. She’d split from my dad the previous year when I was 14 and had pretty much raised me alone. But now she was embarrassing me. She’d borrow my clothes and try to befriend my mates whenever they came around.

And if I invited boys over, she’d flirt with them.

“Be warned,” I told him. “She might be over friendly.”

“I can handle it,” he said, smiling.

The next day I took him to see mum, and as soon as she saw him, her eyes lit up.

“Lovely to meet you at last,” she cooed.

I watched, cringing, as she hung on his every word.

As soon as I could, I told Aaron it was time to go.

“I’m so sorry,” I whispered to him as we left.

“She’s funny,” he chuckled.

Aaron and me Credit: Take 5 magazine

The next time I spoke to Mum, she wouldn’t stop raving about Aaron.

“He’s so good looking,” she gushed.

Months passed. The more Aaron, 21, saw of mum, the more he became wary of her.

“She’s not a good mum,” he said one day. “She needs to grow up and stop acting like a teenager.”

The following year, when I was 17, I fell pregnant and we moved in together. At my 20-week scan we found out we were expecting a girl, so we trawled the shops for tiny pink outfits and a beautiful new cot.

But one day, when I was eight months gone, I realised the baby hadn’t moved for hours.

Aaron drove me to the hospital and I was hooked up to a monitor. Thankfully, our baby’s heartbeat was strong.

But two days later, at a routine scan, the midwife looked at me and frowned.

“I can’t find your baby’s heartbeat,” she said. “You’ll need to go to the hospital.”

There my worst fear was confirmed. Our baby had died.

Lost in grief, I was given tablets to induce labour. The next morning, with Aaron and Mum by my side, I delivered our daughter, LaCie Lou. Afterwards, I was too devastated to function, so Mum organised the funeral.

As I said my goodbye, I was inconsolable. At the wake afterwards, I drank a glass of wine to numb the pain.

As I took a gulp, I spotted Mum talking to Aaron in the corner.

Me cuddling LaCie, with my mum Credit: Take 5 magazine

It was our daughter’s funeral, and my mum was flirting with my boyfriend

I stormed over and screamed at my mum.

“Stop trying it on with boyfriend!”

“You’re upset, love,” she said. “Nothing’s going on.”

“Leanne, it wasn’t like that,” Aaron said, putting his arm around my shoulder and trying to calm me.

But in the weeks following, Aaron and I grew apart. We were both so caught up in grief and argued over everything. Then our landlord said we had to move out.

We had no choice but to stay with Mum while we looked for somewhere else to rent. But the fighting got worse.

“I’m happy for you to stay, darl, but I’m not having him under my roof,” she said one afternoon.

Things had been bad between Aaron and me, but I still needed him.

“If he goes, I’m going too,” I replied.

But Mum was adamant.

So, we both moved in with Aaron’s mum. Two months later I fell pregnant again.

I gave birth to a healthy boy, Tommy-Aaron. We got our own place, but Mum was always around, interfering.

One time she even told Aaron I was cheating on him, then laughed it off as a joke!

When I got angry, she made out like it was my fault.

“I think you need to see a doctor,” she scoffed. “You’re so volatile these days.”

Aaron with my mum Credit: Take 5 magazine

I told Aaron and he took her side! Between the two of them, I was being driven completely mad.

Whenever I tried to talk to him, he refused.

A few weeks later, Mum went out, so I invited some friends over, and while we were chatting, Aaron called.

He sounded nervous.

“Right, go ahead. Tell me why you’re acting so weird,” I demanded.

“Leanne… it’s, well.. me and your mum. We’re together.” he said.

I dropped the phone in shock and burst into tears.

Thinking back, I was sure it all started at LaCie’s funeral.

Mum played the role of grieving granny, but really she was seducing my man.

In the weeks that followed, instead of being remorseful, Mum was brazen. She sent my mates sexy pics of herself. She also sent a photo of her and Aaron’s matching ring tattoos.

They got matching ring tattoos

Now, I doubt my poor Tommy Aaron will have a relationship with either of them. It’s just wrong that his grandma is also his stepmum.

First Mum started stealing my clothes and my friends. In the end she stole my man.

Aaron was right about one thing, she is an unfit mother!

Faye said:

“I love that man and he loves me and that ain’t changing.”

When Take 5 asked Aaron if he cheated on Leanne with her mum, he replied, “Yeah, so?”

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