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Why Aussie influencer dated her clone

...and the husband too!

Kyrah Johnson, 30, from Perth, WA shares her story with Take 5:

An Instagram notification popped up on my phone.

@they_call_me_bq loved your video, it read.

“Again?” I said.

It was July 2022, and I’d been posting videos showcasing my unique style.

With my tight, bright outfits and body covered with tattoos, I always stood out in my home town of Perth.

But I discovered many people around the world who were drawn to my bad-girl aesthetic.

And this mysterious BQ seemed to be my number-one fan, having liked all my recent social media uploads.

I was known online for my bad-girl aesthetic. (Image: supplied)

Clicking on his profile, I discovered his full name was Bryant Quintana.

He lived in New York and had thousands of followers.

I was impressed by his designer sneakers, tattoos and fancy cars.

This is my kind of guy, I thought.

Suddenly, he messaged.

You’re so hot, it read. You remind me of my girl.

I felt quite sad he wasn’t single.

Scrolling through his photos, I found his wife, Tehmeena.

“You’re hot,” BQ messaged me privately. (Image: supplied)

We had a similar face shape and did our make-up the same way.

She also had tattoos, and she even had a bust that rivalled mine.

She does look like me! I thought.

Some of her outfits were identical to ones I’d designed.

We were like twins!

As I chatted with BQ, it became clear that I had a lot in common with him too, especially our humour.

You should come visit us, he wrote.

What would your wife say? I responded.

Message her, he said.

O couldn’t believe how similar his wife looked to me. (Image: supplied)

Nervously, I got in touch with Tehmeena and explained that her husband had been texting me.

I know! she replied. He messages lots of girls, but I liked the look of you.

I can see why, I replied, relieved to know I had her approval.

Soon, I started chatting with them on the phone.

BQ and I bonded over our working-class backgrounds, while Tehmeena and I could talk about fashion and modelling for hours.

They both have a crush on me! I realised.

I’d been in a three-person relationship previously, so getting hit on by a couple wasn’t new, but flirting with my mirror-image was!

I’d had experience in throuples before. (Image: supplied)

After a couple of weeks’ chatting, they offered to fly me out to be with them for a fortnight in October.

I’d never been overseas before, but I felt such a strong connection with them both that I accepted the offer.

A full-time nanny was hired for my three-year-old son, Kaysen.

It was tough to leave him, but I hoped this would be the start of a new life for the two of us in America.

BQ and Tehmeena were there to pick me up from the airport.

“Oh my God, you’re stunning!” they both said.

Receiving double the love of a traditional relationship felt great.

Next day, we set off for our throuple’s holiday.

It was hard to leave my son. (Image: supplied)

We visited exclusive nightclubs, drank expensive cocktails, and laughed non-stop.

The more time I spent with them, the more I saw what I brought to the relationship.

BQ and I knew how to cheer each other up with silly jokes and if he ever upset Tehmeena, I was good at communicating with her for him, woman-to-woman.

“You just get me,” Tehmeena said.

It felt like my presence was enhancing their marriage.

“Let’s make a video of us walking hand-in-hand-in-hand,” I suggested.

They agreed, so Bryant walked down a main street with Tehmeena and I either side, before he stopped to give both of us a smooch.

I joined them for a fun holiday in New Orleans. (Image: supplied)

I posted the video on TikTok and was astonished when it racked up two million views!

Although my feelings for them deepened every day, I began to start questioning how real the relationship was.

We would only kiss when a phone was filming.

After two weeks, I returned to Australia, excited about my new relationship, but keen to make sure it wasn’t just an act.

Within days, Tehmeena and BQ were urging me to come back to the US again.

“A show called Love Don’t Judge is filming us in three weeks,” BQ told me.

It was a fast turnaround.

We were invited to be on a show called Love Don’t Judge. (Image: supplied)

I had to fork out money for flights myself this time and it pained me to leave Kaysen again, but I was serious about the relationship.

“When you arrive,” Tehmeena told me, “we’re taking you to a 12-hour braiding appointment to make your hair identical to mine.”

I didn’t want to do that straight after 30 hours of travel, but they insisted we look perfect for the show.

The day after, a camera crew arrived for 12 hours of filming – I was exhausted.

I was meant to stay a week, but I was missing my son and the affection I’d previously received from the Quintanas, so I flew home two days early.

Things had changed with the Quintanas. (Image: supplied)

Still, I was hopeful that we could work things out in the new year.

In February 2023, I had to go into hospital for surgery following a ruptured breast implant.

BQ and Tehmeena messaged saying we’d been offered another show, but I explained I couldn’t travel.

After that, they stopped responding to my messages or answering my calls.

I saw on social media that they’d found another girl to replace me.

My son will always be my priority. (Image: supplied)

She had the same hair and clothes as Tehmeena, but she didn’t look as similar as I did.

Are people supposed to think that’s me? I wondered in disbelief.

However, the fans of our short-lived threesome haven’t forgotten me.

Thousands continue to watch as I begin a fresh chapter, developing my own fashion line and showcasing my uniquely inked body.

But my main focus will always be my son and the great future we’re going to have together.

Follow Kyrah on Instagram and TikTok @inked_kiki

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