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I swapped Coke for shakes and lost 60 kilos

Selina managed to drop 10 dress sizes with the Lady Shake
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Selina Carey, 41, Ipswich, Qld shares her remarkable story

I changed my life so I could watch my kids grow up

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Tearing the foil off a bar of chocolate, I took a big bite.

Mmm, that’s better, I thought.

Being a single mum of three kids, life wasn’t easy and I comfort ate to cope.

I loved chips and choccy, but my biggest downfall was Coke – the full sugar version.

I drank several two litre bottles of it every day.

Shockingly, it meant I was swilling six litres per day – a whopping 42 litres per week!

Growing up, I’d always been chubby and got bullied at school.

Trying all the diets going, I’d lose weight only to pile it back on and more.

By the time I was 40, I was a size 26.

I hated looking in the mirror and avoided having my photo taken.

Instead of trendy gear, I wore what I called ‘granny clothes’ – stretchy bike pants and large T-shirts from Best and Less.

I used to guzzle 42 litres of Coke a week

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Worse still, I couldn’t run after my kids, Nathaniel, then 11, and twins Maddison and William, six, as, due to my weight, my knees were too weak.

‘You need a double knee replacement,’ said my doctor, but when I went for a consultation, the surgeon frowned.

‘You’re too heavy,’ he said, after getting me to step on the scales.

‘You weigh 154.3 kilos and have a BMI of 52.

You need to be under 99 kilos and have a BMI of 40. Come back in a year and I’ll reassess you.’

At home, I cried my eyes out, devastated.

My health was so poor I began to question if I’d ever see my beautiful kids grow up.

My self-esteem was at an all-time low.

Then an ad came on the TV for a meal replacement shake called The Lady Shake.

I’m going to try that, I vowed. I need to do it for me and the kids.

Ordering some sachets online, in August 2021 I began substituting brekkie and lunch with it.

I was worried my weight problems would prevent me seeing my kids grew up

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As per the instructions, I added a couple of scoops of the powder to a bottle of water, then shook it up and drank it.

Not bad, I thought.

Vowing to quit drinking Coke cold turkey, I also completely changed my eating habits.

Before, I’d often go all day without eating, filling up on litres of Coke.

After the kids went to bed, I’d settle in front of the TV with family-sized chocolate bars, pizza, chips and more Coke.

Now, I’d have a shake for breakfast and lunch, then for dinner I’d have a healthy meal, such as meat and veg or a stir fry, following recipes on The Lady Shake’s website.

It almost killed me quitting Coke, but I was determined to do it. Between meals, I’d drink water – up to three litres a day – to fill me up.

I didn’t really get hungry, but it was hard to kick the emotional eating.

When the kids played up, I longed to guzzle some ice cold cola or sink my teeth into a bar of chocolate but somehow, I resisted.

I replaced breakfast and lunch with a shake and kicked my Coke habit

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I also went onto The Lady Shake’s support page on Facebook to record my weight and get tips and advice from other women, which was really helpful.

To get moving, I began walking the twins to school every day, and doing dance workouts on YouTube.

My favourite one was ‘growwithjo’ as her routines were fun and not too strenuous.

I’m losing weight in my lounge room! I thought, following the moves.

The weight started to fall off me.

A few months later, a friend walked right past me in the street.

‘Oh my goodness, is that you Selina?’ she said, when I stopped her. ‘I didn’t recognise you. You look amazing.’

By then I’d lost 30 kilos. And incredibly, I’d completely kicked my addiction to cola!

I had so much more energy to play with my kids when I began losing weight

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Once I had a sip of some, and it tasted so vile I had to spit it out.

‘How could I ever have drunk that?’ I cried.

Kicking the habit also meant I had more cash in my pocket – I was saving at least $50 each week!

Within a year I’d lost 60 kilos. At 173cm in height, I’d dropped from 154.3 kilos to 94.3, going from a size 26 to a 16.

Gone were the granny clothes – I could finally buy my outfits off the rack.

The compliments came in thick and fast.

‘You look incredible,’ friends told me.

My kids were really proud too. ‘You look fantastic, Mum!’ they said.

Best of all, I could run around after them a lot more easily, taking them to the playground and the park whenever they wanted to go.

I’ve dropped 60 kilos so far and never felt healthier

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Soon my appointment with the knee surgeon came around – a year since the last one.

When he looked at me, his jaw dropped. He couldn’t believe I’d lost so much weight since I’d seen him.

‘Congratulations,’ he said, weighing me.

Today I’m waiting to have the surgery done and have a new target weight of 85 kilos.

With a combination of healthy eating, shakes and exercise, I know I can reach my goal.

I’m telling my story to give hope to other women struggling with their weight. I want them to know they’re not alone.

If I can do it, they can do it too!

For more on The Lady Shake and how to ‘shake back your life’, visit

Plus! Check out some delicious healthy meal ideas at

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