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REAL LIFE: I slept with my best friend’s boyfriend – now she wants me to be her bridesmaid

''For once I was getting the attention and it felt nice.''
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I had a long-term relationship with my boyfriend, Joel. Things were good at the beginning, but the relationship got a bit stale and we started paying less attention to each other.

My best friend Tina and I had organised a huge camping trip one Easter weekend with all our friends. The day before the trip, Joel informed me that he couldn’t come due to work. I was so mad that he was going to bail on me again.

Committing to plans was not his specialty and he always let me down.

I decided to go without him and make the most of it anyway. It was a pretty crazy couple of days. There was a lot of drinking and fun.

Despite what happened I managed to have a great time. I was getting along with everyone and Tina’s boyfriend Jason was a really great guy. He was doing everything to make me feel better and have a good time.

“My best friend Tina and I had organised a huge camping trip one Easter weekend with all our friends.”

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On the last day, things got really out of hand — everyone was drinking so much and really letting go and enjoying themselves.

I was partying along, but after a couple of hours of drinking I needed to take some time out, so I went back to my tent.

I when I got to my tent, I was startled to find Jason behind me — he’d followed me there.

At first I tried to play it cool. I was a pretty shy person and always found it difficult to start conversations with people I didn’t know that well, but Jason was so easy to talk to, and so friendly that I really felt comfortable around him.

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I don’t remember much of what he was saying. I do know we were talking about what a great few days we were having when he mentioned how he had feelings for me. They had developed over the past few days.

The next thing I knew, we were making out in my tent. I was so totally out of it that I didn’t have the ability to stop what was happening.

I won’t lie — I never got this kind of attention from guys normally. Whenever Tina and I went out, Tina would be getting all the attention and I would be in the shadows. For once I was getting the attention and it felt nice … but I would’ve preferred it not to be with my best friend’s guy!

Before I knew it, we were rolling around on my sleeping mat and up to no good. I am so lucky that no one came looking for us because that would have been the end of us both.

Not only would Tina never talk to me again but all our other mates would surely have disowned me for my shameful act. After we finished our little rendezvous I stumbled back to the camp site and Jason followed a little after.

I had started to sober up at this stage and still didn’t know if what I thought happened had really just happened. Tina was having a great time and came over to me to check if I was OK because I was looking a little lost. She hugged me and pulled me up to dance. I vainly tried to act happy and normal.

The next day I awoke with a terrible headache and sinking feeling in my stomach. Everyone kind a noticed my sullen mood and asked if I was OK. I put it down to a nasty hangover.

Jason and I could not make eye contact, which only confirmed for me what we did in fact do the night before. As we were packing up and a few of the others were struggling with a tent, Jason quickly came over to me and began operation cover-up.

He started apologising, informing me that it was complete accident and a mistake on his part and that he never should have got involved with me like this. I just wanted it all to disappear.

He told me that Tina could never find out as it would kill her. I completely agreed and told him that I would never mention it to Tina as it would end my friendship with her. We both agreed to keep it a secret between us.

“The next thing I knew, we were making out.”

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We left the camp site and Tina was none the wiser. I put on a happy face so no one would suspect anything. Why would they though? Jason and I had only met the week before and I had never been the type of girl to do something like that. I tried to carry on the best I could with my building guilt.

To this day I have not told anyone what happened. As for Joel and I, we are officially over. I realised that I would never have allowed myself to get carried away with a near stranger if my feelings for Joel were as strong as they once were. He wasn’t too fazed with my decision, which only made it easier.

Tina and Jason are more than happy — in fact they’re engaged. Tina has asked me to be her bridesmaid and I feel so guilty about what I have done. And I can’t look at Jason without feeling so terribly shameful. I nearly confessed what I did that night, but I can’t now. Not now that she’s going to marry him.

I know Jason loves her and she adores him. All I can say is that we both made a terrible mistake that could ruin the happiness of someone we both care about and if he can keep it a secret so will I.

I just hope Tina never finds out as it would truly destroy her — and our friendship.

*Names have been changed.

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