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Real life: My fiance cheated with seven women in our bed

While I pushed out our son, my fiance was out on the pull.
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Jess Eale, 23, shares her true life story;

Nervously, I pulled out my phone and rang my boyfriend, Callum.

“I’m pregnant,” I blurted.

We’d only been together a few months and were in a long distance relationship.

I wondered if he’d feel trapped.

“That’s fantastic,” he gushed.

I let out a huge sigh of relief. But now we had some big decisions to make.

“I’ll get a transfer, or find a new job,” he said. “And if we’re going to be a family, we should probably find a unit of our own.”

I was so happy about Callum’s enthusiasm.

He left his job and got a new one as a care worker.

As promised, he also found us a place to live.

We decorated the nursery for our baby together.

One night, Callum went out with his mates.

Seizing the opportunity to have the place to myself, I ran a bubble bath, then watched trashy TV in bed.

Waking up the next day, I reached out for Callum but he wasn’t there.

I made myself a cup of tea and caught him sneaking in the front door.

“Hi honey,” he said, pulling me in for a hug. “I love you.”

“Hi,” I replied coolly. “Where have you been?”

“Just at a mate’s,” he shrugged. “I’m feeling a bit worse for wear. I’m gonna hit the hay for an hour or two.”

I trusted Callum in the beginning. Photos exclusive to Take 5

With that, he went to bed.

He left his phone downstairs and I couldn’t resist picking it up.

Opening Snapchat, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

He had been sending flirty messages to other girls.

Seven of them, to be precise.

How could he? I was pregnant with his child!

Screenshotting the messages I sent them to myself. Not knowing what to do, I rushed over to my mum’s house.

“I can’t believe it,” she tutted.

Later he called asking where I was.

“Why do you care?’ I scoffed. “No one on Snapchat taking your fancy?

“I was really drunk, I’m so sorry,” he grovelled. “I didn’t mean any of it. You know I’d never cheat.”

He persuaded me to come home and talk things through.

The second I got there, he wrapped his arms around me.

“It’s just all the changes, the baby, the job – everything got a bit much,” he pleaded.

I looked into his eyes and started to thaw.

He has made a lot of sacrifices, I thought.

And although what he’d done was hurtful, he hadn’t actually cheated.

So I forgave him.

The next few months were great.

Soon it was Christmas and we spent it with friends and family.

Later, Callum, Mum and I were tidying up the lounge, when out of nowhere…

“Will you marry me?” Callum asked.

Mum screeched with joy. Despite our wobble, she adored Callum.

He had a ring hidden away and slipped it on my finger.

Days later, we welcomed Joseph into the world. As I watched Callum cuddle our little boy, my heart melted.

At first, he was great, really hands on.

But as the weeks went by he started spending more time at the gym.

“You’re obsessed with that place,” I huffed. I noticed that his gym kit rarely needed washing.

Once again, I smelt a rat.

So when Callum left his phone unattended again, I grabbed it.

My stomach dropped as I read his Snapchat messages.

I’d love to give you a rub down, he’d written.

Just weeks after the birth of his son he was up to his old dirty tricks.

I confronted him and he was full of excuses.

Callum was so positive when I feel pregnant. Photos exclusive to Take 5

“It’s just a bit of flirting,” he stammered. “I’d never do anything – we’ve just had a baby.”

“Yes, we have!” I cried.

We talked for hours and he convinced me again to forgive him.

But I made it clear this was his last chance.

Six weeks later, a message popped up on my Facebook.

I’ve been talking to Callum online, it read.

The girl said Callum had told her he was single and kept pushing to meet up for sex on his lunch-breaks.

But she’d spotted the photos of us on his profile and got in touch.

I was furious.

While we messaged, Callum was upstairs having a shower.

Moments later, the woman forwarded me a message that had just arrived from him.

He’d asked her to send him a naked picture.

I looked at our son sleeping peacefully next to me and began to well up.

As soon as Callum came out of the bathroom, I had it out with him.

“It was nothing,” he protested. “What can I do to make things right?”

“I want you to take a lie detector test,” I said. “You keep saying that nothing happened with these girls so I want you to prove it.”

“I… Okay,” he stammered.

“Or you could save the money and tell me the truth,” I suggested.

“Fine,” he said.

I couldn’t resist checking his phone. Photos exclusive to Take 5

“I want to know how many women you’ve cheated on me with.” I asked.

He took a deep breath.

“There was a woman I kissed when we first got together… then another one,” he stuttered, hanging his head in shame.

But I knew there was more.

“And?” I asked.

“Then I slept with a woman who works down the road,” he admitted.

I knew it! Rat.

“Where did you sleep with her?” I asked.

“In the car,” he said.

“No you didn’t,” I spat.

There was a long pause.

“In our bed,” he muttered.

I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me.

“I’ve been honest so will you give me another chance?” he asked hopefully.

I couldn’t believe the nerve of him.

“Get out, I’m done,” I hissed.

With that, he packed his things and moved out.

He’s still trying to convince me to take him back but how can I?

Not only did he cheat, but he did it in our bed.

He tried to blame his cheating on the pressures of fatherhood.

But all he did was prove he’s just a child himself.

It was a huge shock but I’m better off without him. Photos exclusive to Take 5

Callum, 23, said:

She asked me if I was willing to do a lie detector and I accepted it, and then she said, ‘Do you want to tell me before we do it?’

That’s when I admitted it.

I suppose she forced my hand, but I would have told her anyway.

When she asked me she was in tears and I just didn’t want to break her more than I already had.

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