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I became a sex worker at 52

One woman reveals her unusual career change after divorcing her husband of 30 years.

An anonymous Sydney woman has revealed her secret life as a mature-aged escort in a tell-all piece published on

The woman says she was 52 and one year out of a 30-year marriage – the last five years of which had been sexless – when she decided she wanted a career change.

“I was sitting at home and the thought of prostitution entered my mind,” she says. “‘I always wanted to try that,’ I thought. And that was it.

“I have never had a single stretch mark, I’ve always been very slim and had naturally large breasts. So it was the perfect storm (in a DD cup) for me — as I found my niche there for a couple of years.

“For some ungodly reason my body was perfect as was my face and I learnt to act like a sexy vixen. I didn’t need the money, but it was extra cash and I was having a great time, rather than watching Dr Phil or Oprah at home.”

She walked into a dedicated “mature-aged” brothel in Chatswood and asked about a job and to her surprise, got one.

She quickly became the most popular worker at the agency, making $300 an hour to have sex with anyone from teenagers to businessmen in their 70s.

She worked at the brothel for six years, keeping her new job a secret from her family and friends until she eventually quit.

“When I left I knew that it’d changed me so dramatically,” she says. “I became obsessed with money when I’d always been unmaterialistic, I became fake and hard around the edges which did not sit well with me at all.

“But I absolutely don’t regret doing it as I was such a prude and it set me free. I’m 60 next year, and reflecting on that time I realise it was all an act, you become this other person. I enjoyed it while I was there but looking back, I don’t know who that person was.”

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