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My hubby cheated on me with my best friend who lived NEXT DOOR!

He helped to build her bed, and I bet he helped her test it out!
cheating hubby

Emma Stanton, 37, shares her true life story:

I was dozing in bed when I felt my boyfriend unwrap his arms from my waist to grab something from the bedside table.

Turning over, I saw Dave, 34, was smiling, holding a ring box.

“Will you marry me?” said.

From the moment we’d met months earlier, I’d suspected Dave might be The One.

He was cute, charming and funny, and swept me off my feet.

Now, we were getting married!

“Let’s do it,” I squealed.

The following year, we tied the knot in a lovely intimate ceremony, and just nine months later, I gave birth to our daughter, Maddie.

Dave was a doting dad and I loved my little family. Could life get better?

But after years of trying for another bub without success, I was starting to believe we’d always be a family of three.

“It’s all right, babe,” Dave said. “We’ll just keep trying.”

I felt so lucky to be married to such a supportive bloke.

One day, I heard that new neighbours had moved into our block of flats.

When I spotted a new face in the corridor, I said hello.

Dave and me – he really swept me off my feet!

“I’m Kayleigh,” she replied, smiling.

She explained she and her boyfriend Ben, both 26, had moved in with their little girl, Angel.

After that, we all got on so well that most weekends we’d hang out as a group.

Kayleigh and I became inseparable.

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, I found out I was pregnant.

Dave and I were over the moon.

Kayleigh was the first person I told.

“That’s great, babe,” she squealed when I told her. “I know how much you guys wanted this.”

She was such a support, dragging me off to go baby shopping on weekends.

Anaiya was born later that year – she was gorgeous.

“Any time you want Ben and me to babysit, we’d be happy to,” Kayleigh grinned.

But a month later, she dropped a bombshell.

She and Ben had split up. “He’s moved out,” she said tearfully.

I felt so sorry for her. “You don’t need him,” I said, hugging her. “You’ve got Dave and me.”

Over the next few months, I became her shoulder to cry on.

Dave also chipped in, helping her with odd jobs.

Me and Kayleigh (right)- some friend she turned out to be!

In fact there always seemed to be something she needed him to fix.

Often he’d be too busy to help me out at home.

But when I complained, he rolled his eyes.

“She needs me to help put up her new bed,” he said. “I’m only down the corridor. What’s the problem?”

“Okay, love, it’s just that you’re there an awful lot,” I sighed. “You’re not…”

Dave looked at me like I was mad.

“You’re not really thinking that, are you?” he laughed. “You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Then, he pecked me on the cheek and left.

If Dave wasn’t over at Kayleigh’s, she was over at our place.

I’d often walk in with the kids and find them giggling together in the kitchen.

“Hope I’m not interrupting,” I’d say sarcastically.

“Course not,” Kayleigh would smile. “Come join us.”

Yes, I will, this is my house, remember.

Then, just as I’d convinced myself I was being silly, Kayleigh’s sister, Shannen rang.

“I thought you should know…” she began. “It’s Kayleigh and Dave… they’re sleeping together.”

Her words hung in the air for what felt like eternity.

Two of the people I trusted most had betrayed me so cruelly.

I’m happy it’s all behind me now!

I hung up and shakily dialled Dave’s number.

“I know everything,” I seethed. “You tried to make out like I was crazy, but I know your dirty little secret.”

At first he denied it, but called me back and the truth came out.

“It’s true, it’s happened a few times,” he said. “I’m sorry, Em.”

Their affair had been going on for over a month.

He said sorry over and over, but it was clear it was Kayleigh he wanted.

I felt sick remembering how he’d put up her bed.

I bet they jumped into it soon after.

My baby was just four months old and she needed her daddy – but he was too busy screwing the woman four doors down.

I kicked Dave out until I found somewhere else for me and the kids to live.

Kayleigh updated her relationship status on Facebook, saying she and Dave had been in a relationship since a month before I’d found out.

As soon as the kids and I moved out, Dave and Kayleigh moved in.

I can’t wait for the divorce to come through.


“Of course I regret the way it happened. What do you want me to say?”


“I don’t want my name or my pictures published! I’ve got a daughter to think of and yes the way it happened was wrong but we’re happy and we want to get on with things! I’m finding it funny to be honest.”

“Tell her well done!”

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