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“I’ve helped deliver 1000 babies”: Meet the amazing Australian midwife helping families through complicated births

Kate Dyer knew the instant she attended her first birth that she’d found her calling.
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It was anything but a textbook birth, and ultimately ended in tragedy, but even so it inspired Kate to devote her life to helping families through the incredible ups and heartbreaking lows of pregnancy.

The inspirational moment happened when as a trainee nurse almost 40 years ago she attended a routine birth, only for the unimaginable to happen after it was discovered that the baby’s head had failed to form properly in the womb.

“Everyone seemed to take an inaudible breath waiting to see what would happen next,” Kate says, explaining that the midwife continued to deliver the baby, knowing the child couldn’t survive for long.

“We wrapped the baby in a blanket and placed it on the mother’s chest allowing them to bond before later the child passed away. I was so inspired by that midwife I left the room determined to do more for complicated births.”

Kate has dedicated her life to helping families through complicated births

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Since that day Kate, 63, has dedicated her life to helping thousands of families navigate high risk pregnancies and health complications through birth and beyond – when joy sometimes turns to tragedy.

“We have a beautiful photo wall of babies we’ve helped,” she says.

“When a new family are told their baby has a problem, there’s probably a baby on the wall that has it too and has survived. It sparks hope.”

The amazing midwife has helped thousands of babies into the world! Image credit: Getty

And it’s clear the incredible work Kate has done at the Department Maternal Fetal Medicine has made a lasting impact on those who receive her care, with past patients often returning to Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women to thank her.

“Each baby has a place in my heart,” she says, explaining that she keeps a box of cards and messages from grateful patients to lift her spirits on tough days.

“I never forget them. It’s the reason I want to come back tomorrow, because you know you can make a difference.”

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The Royal Hospital for Women foundation want you to say thank you with Heart for Her.

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