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REAL LIFE: “I reveal secrets of the dead at their funerals”

Meet the man who gets paid to gatecrash funerals for a living.
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Bill Edgar, founder of Coffin Confessions, answers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about his job:

Q What is a Coffin Confessor?

A A person that interrupts a funeral service at the request of the deceased.

Q How did you get into this line of work?

A After being engaged to investigate the financials of a client that was being ripped off by his accountant, he disclosed he had terminal cancer with little time left.

We got to talking about death and the afterlife. He said he would like to have a memorable funeral and I suggested he do his own eulogy.

However he said his family may not play or read the eulogy as it may be uncomfortable or too confronting.

I suggested that I crash his funeral and three weeks later I received a text that said he would take me up on my offer.

Q What’s the most memorable confession?

A Interrupting the eulogy being performed by the best mate of my client and disclosing to him and all mourners present that my client knew he’d been trying to sleep with his wife while he lay on his deathbed.

His best mate was told to shut up, sit down and listen to what his mate in the coffin had to say.

He quickly left the service and the wife was honoured by her dead husband saying, “Your love and devotion for me is strong thank you. I love you now forever and always”.

Q What’s the reaction once you’ve shared the information?

A In the first instance it’s shock and horror, however everyone wants to know what their loved one, friend or associate had left unsaid. Once you get the crowd on your side you’re pretty well right.

“My job comes with plenty of surprises.”

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Q Has anyone ever tried to hurt you?

A Hurt no, but force me to leave, yes. However given those that really knew the deceased they are intrigued and again want to know what their loved one left unsaid.

Q How does it make you feel to drop these bombshells?

A After watching how my client’s family and friends turn into vultures dividing assets before they’re even in the ground, I have no care or concern for those left behind.

My loyalty and devotion is for my client.

Q How do you cover yourself and prove that what you’re saying is true?

A I investigate my clients’ claims the best I can and I have a contractual agreement.

I doubt a person is going to lie when they’re knocking on death’s door.

Q What do you charge for these services?

A Up to $10,000.

My clients don’t need the money where they’re going and I never get a complaint.

With my wife.

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Q Have you ever delivered good news that has left people happy?

A A lady who passed told me to tell her husband she loved him to the moon and back and he should live his life to the fullest… That they’ll be together again one day.

She said she’ll make a home for him when it’s his time.

She also instructed me to send a letter to her husband each and every month for 12 months with the last saying, ‘It’s okay let me go, I love you.’

Q What do friends and family think of your profession?

A My immediate family are very supportive of what I do, I don’t care what others think.

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