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Shock confession! A tin of beans found me a toy boy

It turned out to be a very special delivery
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Wendy*, 52, shares her story:

I opened up a cupboard and peered in.

“Dad, you can’t live off cereal alone,” I sighed.

My father Roy, 80, had recently had a fall and had to have a double hip operation.

Coupled with his cataracts, he was no longer able to drive.

Mum died fifteen years ago, and Dad had coped admirably on his own.

Until now.

I lived nearby so I visited as often as I could to ensure he was looking after himself.

After that, I started arriving with bags of groceries for him, filled with fresh fruit and easy-to-prepare meals.

A few weeks later, I was due to go to Dad’s when I got called in to work.

I’m a midwife and we work shifts.

Instead of going to the shops, I made an online order for Dad.

Wendy ordered some groceries for her Dad (Stock image)

When I got to the ward, I was told there had been a mix-up with the roster so I decided I’d go round to Dad’s anyway, and be there when the delivery arrived.

“Only me,” I said as I entered.

Dad was sitting in his comfy chair watching TV.

I made him a cup of tea and we were chatting away when the doorbell went.

“That’s your groceries,” I said, getting up. “I’ll get it.”

I answered the door and a tall young man beamed the most wonderful smile at me.

“Got your delivery here,” he said.

I immediately felt my face flush.

He was gorgeous!

“Oh erm, thank you,” I said, hastily tidying my hair.

“Can I bring it in to the kitchen for you?” he offered.

“That would be lovely, thank you,” I said, my voice taking on a posh accent because I was nervous.

The handsome delivery guy told me Dad’s neighbourhood was his regular patch.

The delivery guy took Wendy’s breath away (Photo posed by model)

“I’m Wendy,” I announced unprompted, as I signed for the order, and then cringed at myself for being so forward.

But he replied with a distinct twinkle in his eye.

“I’m Michael, see you around?”

I was flattered because he seemed a good 15 years younger than me.

Unpacking Dad’s groceries, I couldn’t stop smiling.

It had been ages since I’d flirted with a man.

My husband and I had divorced years before and I’d been single ever since.

All week, I couldn’t stop thinking about the dishy delivery guy.

So I decided I’d order more food for Dad, even though he still had plenty.

“Hello again,” I beamed answering the door to Michael.

“I was hoping I’d see you again,” he said.

Butterflies raced around my tummy.

“Me too!” I admitted.

We chatted amicably as he unloaded the shop.

A few days later, I ordered some more unnecessary things.

The deliveries kept coming! (Photo posed by models)

“Dad needs these supplies due to his ill health,” I explained to Michael as he handed over bags bursting with tinned goods.

He smiled and nodded.

“Another delivery?” Dad groaned. “I’ll never eat all of this.”

“I’ll take some of it home,” I said.

Soon Dad’s cupboards were groaning they were so full.

But it worked.

Because on about his fifth delivery to Dad’s, Michael asked me out.

We’ve now been dating for a couple of months and I’m too embarrassed to tell him I made so many bogus orders just so I could see him again.

Meanwhile, Dad is still trying to work his way through countless tins of baked beans.

Sorry Dad!

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