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“I know exactly what’s happened,” William Tyrrell’s grandmother tells investigators to stop search

“They're never going to find William — I just know in my heart he's dead.”
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It’s been almost four years since then three-year-old William Tyrrell disappeared from Kendall on Australia’s Mid-North-Coast, New South Wales.

William, who was last seen playing with his sister in his grandmother’s yard wearing a spiderman suit went missing on September 12, 2014 at 10:30am.

Despite extensive searching, repeated interviewing of persons of interest and the offering of a reward, there has not been any major breakthrough – and the little boy, who was three at the time of his disappearance, has not been found.

Yesterday police announced that they will be returning to the town from where he disappeared to conduct four-week forensic sweep. Today marks the second day of their search, with reports a toy was found in the area on the first day.

William’s grandmother spoke to the Daily Telegraph this week and implored investigators to stop wasting their time.

William was just three-years-old when he disappeared from his grandmother’s yard in Kendall, NSW.

“This is just opening old wounds for us, the door never closes… They’re never going to find William — I just know in my heart he’s dead,” 59-year-old Natalie Collins told the publication.

“I know exactly what’s happened, someone’s taken him and done something to him. Brendan (William’s father) says it, too, he believes William’s gone.”

William Tyrrell’s biological father breaks his silence

Before Natalie shared her despair over the ongoing search for her missing grandson, William’s biological father, Natalie’s son, broke his silence by sharing an open letter through The Daily Telegraph, saying he too has given up hope.

“I’ve been out looking for you with a shovel digging in bushland… I know there’s no point,” he shared.

“I think you’re dead, I think someone has hurt you bad. I’m so sorry I couldn’t help you.”

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William’s father goes on to say he tried to run away with William when he was just nine months old, until DOCS took him into care.

“I know I’ve had a history of drugs problems but I’d never harm my boy.”

“DOCS took him from me to keep him safe and now… he’s probably dead,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

Despite the fears from his grandmother and biological father, Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin says investigators will continue their search and act with the possibility that William is alive.

An unprecedented reward of $1 million has been offered by the NSW government for any information leading to the recovery of William Tyrrell.

Anybody with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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