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Donald Trump bans kindles, iPads and laptops from some airlines

From certain nations only. Of course.
U.S government bans electronic devices larger than mobile phone from certain airlines

U.S authorities have instructed airlines travelling to the US from certain nations to ban passengers from carrying electronic devices larger than a mobile phone.

This prohibition includes kindles, iPads, laptops and cameras larger than a cell phone – all of these items must be in checked luggage.

So far, Saudi Arabia’s Saudia Airlines and Royal Jordanian airlines are confirmed as affected.

The other affected countries are yet to be revealed, but sources have told Reuters they include nearly a dozen foreign airlines and 10 airports in eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Royal Jordanian Airlines tweeted this statement regarding new rules regarding electronics, citing “concerned U.S. departments” as the reason behind the new restrictions.

The tweet was deleted with no explanation and replaced with this one:

The announcement, which was reportedly distributed as a “confidential” email from the U.S transportation administration, is not a public regulation but airlines will be expected to comply, according to The Guardian.

Officials told Reuters the ban had been under consideration since the U.S government learned of an unspecified threat a few weeks ago.

An aviation official told CNN the security concern relates to the “screening in [some] countries” for nonstop flights to the U.S, adding this threat would most likely be negated if a passenger stopped over in a city with “additional and more trustworthy” screening procedures.

However, Royal Jordanian Airlines said the electronic ban would include those who transit through Canada and officials said no American carriers will be affected.

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