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Sophie Delezio to star in dance movie

She's one unstoppable teen!
Sophie Delezio to star in dance movie

Sophie Delezio is unstoppable!

The 15-year-old has announced she’ll be appearing as an extra in the Dance Academy movie.

“It is kind of an escape, being a character and all the things going on in your head don’t matter as they’re not relevant to the character,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

The high-school student clearly has a passion for acting as she’s taken classes at NIDA and also studies at Stage Artz in Dee Why.

“I just want to have fun with acting. I don’t care about fame and just want to meet good people and have fun.”

The bubbly teen – who is hoping to represent Australia at the 2020 Paralympics in swimming or rowing – also revealed that she would like to study acting in New York, with the hope that the industry will embrace people with disabilities.

“Characters with disabilities will most often be played by an able-bodied person,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“They could easily get a disabled person to do it and it would be easier because they wouldn’t need any special effects.”

We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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