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Biggest autocorrect fails

Is autocorrect out to ruin your life?
Biggest autocorrect fails

Our smart phones have become extensions of our arms and generally their intuitive functions improve our day to day lives.

The is one function, however, that can bring us undone at the most inopportune moments-


Whether it simply prevents you texting profanities by insisting you write “ducking” or it throws a random name of an African capitol city mid-sentence, autocorrect continues to cause much confusion and great mirth.

Here is a collection of some of our favourites.

Biggest autocorrect fails

The key is where, Mum???

Biggest autocorrect fails


Biggest autocorrect fails

Toys for tots… say that 10 times fast.

Biggest autocorrect fails

You can buy almost anything online these days.

Biggest autocorrect fails

Hard to get good help these days.

Biggest autocorrect fails

Something’s fishy with this one.

These two just avoided an awkward conversation. Oh, wait.

Well, that’s one way to do it.

Just give up.

So… is placenta a gluten?

Pro tip: notepads are not absorbent.

Maybe a trip to the vet is in order?

Hello, CIA?

At least she RSVP’d.

We hope they’re not doing any of those.


We don’t think there’s a second date comin’, buddy.


Uh oh.

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