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Corby to speak on Seven on Sunday

After weeks of will she or won’t she, can she or can’t she, the Seven Network has broadcast tantalising video footage of convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby in a promotional package for its Sunday Night current affairs program.

Released last night, the footage shows Corby’s scrum-like release from jail along with what appear to be her first words as she emerged into a media maelstrom, when she utters: “I feel like a crab.”

This was quickly followed by “Good one, driver” and “woo hoo!” after she was bundled into a waiting car which sped off and left the waiting media pack scrambling.

Whether it means that Schapelle has actually done an interview or whether it’s simply a neat bit of promotion for a story around her release and furore that followed is another matter.

Indonesian authorities have repeatedly warned the Corbys that any interview may be seen as a breach of her parole conditions and land her back inside the cell she occupied for 10 years.

This all follows the sensation raids by Australian Federal Police last week on the offices of the Seven Network and subsequent court action by both Seven West Media and Mercedes Corby against the AFP, who were looking for evidence of an alleged $2 million payment for an exclusive interview.

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