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Planned Parenthood shooter’s bizarre guilty plea: “I’m a warrior for the babies”

I’m guilty. There’s no trial. I’m a warrior for the babies.

The man who killed three people inside a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic last month has plead guilty to 179 counts after declaring himself a “warrior for babies” in court.

Robert Dear appeared before a Colorado Springs court, cuffed at the arms and legs, and disrupted the court proceedings by shouting declarations of guilt.

“I’m guilty. There’s no trial. I’m a warrior for the babies,” Dear yelled to the court.

“Let it all come out. The truth!” He said at another point.

At one point, as Judge Gilbert A Martinez discussed pre-trial publicity, Dear shouted, “Could you add the babies that were supposed to be aborted that day? Could you add that to the list?”

Although the trial proceedings have already begun, the district attorney, Dan May, declined to comment on whether or not he would seek the death penalty for the 179 charges laid against Dear, which include first-degree murder.

Among Dear’s victims at the clinic are war veteran Ke’Arre Stewart, police officer Garett Swasey, and a mother of two Jennifer Markovsky, 35.

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