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Oscar Pistorius I can smell the blood

The former paralympian has taken part in his first television interview since Reeva Steenkamp’s death.
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Ahead of his July 6 sentencing, Oscar Pistorius has spoken of having to live with taking the life of his fiancée Reeva Steenkamp in his first television interview since her death.

In the documentary with Britain’s ITV, which was aired on 60 Minutes in Australia last night, the Paralmpian revealed he feels the same pain as Ms Steenkamp’s other loved ones.

“I can smell the blood. I can feel the warmness of it on my hands,” Pistorius said.

“And to know that that’s your fault, that that’s what you’ve done.

“And I understand the pain people feel, that loved her and miss her. I feel that same pain. I feel that same hate for myself.”

Oscar and Reeva in 2012

He also revealed he doesn’t want to “waste” his life going back to jail, where he already spend one year on an earlier conviction of manslaughter for Steenkamp’s death that was overturned in favour of the murder conviction.

“If I was afforded the opportunity of redemption I would like to help the less fortunate like I had in my past,” he said.

“I would like to believe that if Reeva could look down upon me, that she would want me to live that life,” he said.

VIDEO – Oscar Pistorius: Reeva wouldn’t want me to ‘waste my life’

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