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Male nurse accused of hitting an elderly woman in his care with a mug of Milo

Police are investigating.
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An official investigation is underway into an elderly woman’s injury in a care home in Adelaide.

Lynette Lee sustained a black eye and bruising to her left hand, reportedly caused by a male care nurse hitting her with a mug of Milo.

Ms Lee’s daughter Belinda wants answers. She gave her account to The Advertiser:

“She went to sleep early on that Saturday evening and she woke around 11pm and rang the bell for a Milo,” Belinda said.

“The nurse, when he was bringing it back, started spilling it.”

“He ended up knocking the table and glasses of lemonade spilt everywhere and next thing you know he’s hit her with the cup of Milo in the face.

“She’s put her hand up over her face and he’s obviously hit her again because she’s got -defence wounds on the outside of her hand,” Belinda claimed.

Belinda says she wasn’t contacted about the incident for 12 hours and claims she was told on the phone her 70-year-old mother had been “assaulted”.

However they called back to notify her that an internal had been completed and they accepted the nurse’s story she “hit her face on the table”.

The incident is now under police investigation. The nurse will reportedly remain suspended until the investigation is finished.

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