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Larry Emdur blasts “a–holes” who have looted houses during the devastating floods: “You are beyond pathetic!”

The floods have devastated Brisbane and northern New South Wales.
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Larry Emdur has blasted selfish people who have used the deadly floods in Queensland and northern NSW as an opportunity to loot businesses and homes.

The beloved TV personality took to Instagram on Wednesday to share an impassioned plea for people to stick together during these trying times.

“Dear absolute f–king a–holes looting houses and businesses in the devastated flood zones,” his post began.

“Know this, every single person in Australia hates you right now! Stealing from people who have lost everything… You are beyond pathetic!”

Larry took to Instagram on Wednesday to share an impassioned plea for people to stick together during these trying times.

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Dozens of fellow celebrities praised Larry for defending flood victims, and aired their frustrations at the heartless thieves.

“Totally agree! So angry 😡” Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou commented underneath Larry’s post, while celebrity stylist Donny Galella wrote: “What Larry said!! 😡 😡😡😡”

Sally Obermeder shared Larry’s post on her own Instagram Story, adding: “This is so spot on. 100% accurate.”

On Tuesday, Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan labelled the flood looters “grubs” for preying on vulnerable victims in the Brisbane suburbs of Goodna, Blackstone and Bundamba.

“This is outrageous behaviour. What you are doing is not just illegal, but you are also grubs, you are preying on the most vulnerable Queenslanders at their most vulnerable time,” he said.

Hordes of Australian celebrities have taken to their own social media accounts in recent days to spread awareness and raise money for victims of the floods, which so far has claimed the lives of eight people in Queensland and NSW.

Comedian Celeste Barber shared that her husband Api Robin and his friend ventured out on jets skis to evacuate stranded people from the northern rivers.

“They went back out again today to do the same thing. They’ll go again tomorrow,” Celeste wrote alongside a photo of Api rescuing someone from a flooded home.

TV personality Deborah Hutton shared her thoughts for those impacted by the horror floods, writing: “My heart goes out to all those affected by this insane weather pattern and the record floods.”

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“I can’t imagine the hell you’re going through right now. It brings tears to see the devastation, suffering and heartbreak 💔Sending love and hope…🙏🏼💙.”

Meanwhile, Bondi Vet star Dr Chris Brown encouraged Aussies to keep an eye out for displaced and injured wildlife.

“Try to remember that just because they live their lives outdoors doesn’t mean they’re equipped to handle extreme weather events like these. Most are poor swimmers and their fur and feathers quickly become waterlogged,” he shared.

“Currently, there are numerous reports of koala joeys being separated from their mums as well as possums and birds being flooded out of tree hollows. But it’s the ground dwelling animals (like lizards, echidnas, snakes) that naturally struggle the most. Sadly the flooding of burrow homes can be a death sentence for animals like wombats.”

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