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Kim Jong-un is telling people that dog meat is a superfood

The controversial leader is also insisting that the North Koreans should eat more of it. Seriously.

North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.

Make sure you’re sitting down/not holding anything hot before reading this.

The North Korean media has been plugging out stories encouraging people to eat dog meat in recent months, channel DPRK Today suggesting the meat was good for the intestines and stomach and contained more vitamins than beef or chicken.

Yep, they’re promoting it as a stamina-inducing superfood.

Oh, and according to the Korea Times, the dog should be beaten to death and its fur removed before being scorched to improve its taste.

Radio broadcaster Tongil Voice described dog stew as the “finest medicine”.

In neighbouring South Korea, many animal activists have protested about this practice of butchery.

Story via: Cosmopolitan

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