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Madeleine McCann’s parents have failed to silence ex-cop’s damning claims

They simply don't have the “time, energy or funding” to contest it further.
Madeleine McCann's parents have failed to silence ex-cop's damning claims

Despite vowing to continue the fight against an ex-Portuguese cop who claimed Kate and Gerry McCann [staged their daughter’s kidnapping]( https://www.nowtolove.com.au/news/latest-news/crime-expert-claims-madeline-mccann-was-never-abducted-but-suffered-an-accidental-death-35961 |=target”_blank”), the parents have still take no action to challenge him.

Friends of Kate and Gerry McCann said Goncalo Amaral “has won once and for all” because they don’t have the “time, energy or funding” to contest the findings further, according to The Sun.

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“Realistically a European Court appeal was never going to succeed plus it would be too expensive to launch. It seems Mr Amaral, regrettably, has won once and for all. The fight is finally over,” the family friend told The Sun.

“It means he can continue to spout his malicious lies about Kate and Gerry being involved in a cover up of their daughter’s death, which is almost laughable if it wasn’t so hurtful and damaging in the hunt for Madeleine.

“Kate and Gerry have always said they’ll keep no stone unturned in the global search and that’s what they want to concentrate on. I don’t think they have the time, energy or funding to lodge yet another appeal.”

In March this year, Kate and Gerry lost their third and final appeal to gag the former detective after a gruelling eight year battle over his 2008 book, Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie where Amaral alleges the couple are to blame for their daughter’s disappearance.

Gerry pointed out that Met Police chief leading the investigation, Mark Rowley, had recently said that there was no evidence that Madeleine was dead, “and the prosecutor has said there’s no evidence that we were involved in any crime”.

Kate added Amaral’s claims had caused “a lot of frustration and anger”, but “we just need to channel that and… hope that in the long run that justice will prevail”.

Ten years on, Kate revealed she still buys birthday and Christmas presents for Madeleine.

“I obviously have to think about what age she is and something that, whenever we find her, will still be appropriate. So there’s a lot of thought goes into it.

“But I couldn’t not, you know? She’s still our daughter, she’ll always be our daughter.”

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