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Toddler sets fire to teddy bear in terror training video

Gruesome images have been released of a smiling toddler setting fire to a teddy in front of an ISIS flag.
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A horrifying video has emerged of an infant boy setting fire to a teddy bear in front of a black ISIS flag.

The room is engulfed by smoke as the young child looks on happily, before turning to the camera and giving the one finger ISIS salute.

According to the The Daily Mail it is the same young boy who appeared online last week as he carried out another ISIS ritual of beheading a teddy bear. Last week’s footage showed the boy running into the room with a sharp dagger before thrusting it into the teddy bear’s neck.

Whilst the terror group has not taken responsibility for the images, which first appeared online 48 hours ago, they have been attributed to ISIS.

The video may not be branded but according to Dr Colin Clarke, a political scientist at counter-terrorism think-tank RAND, it does not appear to be a hoax. He also feels that the video indicates that the terror group is reaching a “new level of barbarity.”

“These guys (ISIS) are raising kids to have the mindset of a jihadi from the beginning” Dr Clarke told the MailOnline.

“It’s worrying because foreign fighters have their minds washed later in life, but these kids are being indoctrinated from a very, very young age.”

“It just shows that ISIS has no boundaries and nothing is unimaginable. Just when we thought it had surprised us, it sinks to a new low.”

The videos and images have been released onto social media, although as yet no one has confirmed their origin.

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