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Jennifer Lawrence hits back after being called a ‘brat’

If a woman speaks up, is assertive and has a voice, she’s going to be called 'a brat.' I don’t see a man being called 'a brat.'

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence says the fact that she was a called a ‘brat’ after complaining about wage discrimination proves her point about the way women are treated when they try to complain about being underpaid.

Jennifer, who is star of the Hunger Games franchise and one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses, wrote an essay for Lena Dunham’s Lenny magazine last month, revealing her shock at discovering that she was paid much less than her male co-stars for her work on American Hustle.

Jennifer told a press conference yesterday that it was “hard to be a woman and talk about inequality and salaries in general. Because people take shots at you just for saying it.

“Even after I wrote (the essay) somebody called it ‘Jennifer Lawrence’s bratty display.’ And I was like, ‘Thank you for completely making my point.’ If a woman speaks up, is assertive and has a voice, she’s going to be called ‘a brat.’ I don’t see a man being called ‘a brat.’ “

Jennifer’s essay was criticized by writer Kimberly Ross on Redstate.com, who said her complaints were ‘brattish.’

“It is illegal to pay a woman less than a man solely based on gender,” Kimberly said, adding that Jennifer had appeared in ‘fewer scenes’ than her male co-stars.

“Factors such as education, experience, ability, skill, and availability will all impact someone’s salary,” she wrote, adding: “Not only is Jennifer Lawrence’s complaint a bratty display from a wealthy youngster, but it highlights that claims of pay inequality are often at times not the complete story.”

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