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A celebration of J.K. Rowling and her sassiest Tweets ever

Absolutely magical!
A celebration of J.K. Rowling and her most sassiest Tweets ever

I’m sure that many of you don’t need reminding of how great J.K. Rowling is. Being the author behind the Harry Potter series, aka the most intently followed, immeasurably loved and all-around incredible work of fiction ever, is one thing. But J.K. also has a lot to say about things that go down beyond the wizarding world, and we’re totally here for it.

In case you’re late to the party, Rowling is a bit of a Twitter legend. The sassiest, most consistently on point of Twitter legends, in fact. And there’s not a troll or hater that can take her. Read on for a lesson in winning on the internet.

1. When she shut down this book hater

2. When she won the ‘caption this’ game

3. When she explained how books work

4. Because she finds leading dogs hard too

5. When her election commentary was on point

6. When we all sat on the high horse with her

7. When she taught us how to compromise

8. ‘Burn’ doesn’t even do this justice

9. When she reminded the world how freaking fabulous Serena Williams looked in that dress and shut down a hater in the process

10. For a lesson in sarcastic comebacks, see here

11. Because Trump does look a bit like this frog

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12. J. K. Rowling’s husband is as jokes as we hoped

13. Smelling like an owl’s neck could be a compliment

14. When she took that backhanded compliment pretty well

15. When she schooled on the bible

16. Never shut up, J. K.

17. When she made the connection we’d all been thinking

18. That other time she won the internet

19. When her words of encouragement gave us all the feels

20. God, she’s punny

21. When she brought to perspective to the Twittersphere

22. When she clarified that Hogwarts is for all

23. When she made everyone reassess what they were laughing at

24. When we realised we shared the same career goals

25. This casual reminder

26. When her relationship with Matt Lewis was everything

27. When Richard Noble was sorted into Hufflepuff

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