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Haunting drone footage captures a massive great white shark circling a boat near popular beach in WA

Locals have voiced concerns that improperly disposed of whale carcasses are to blame for the increased sightings.
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Great white shark sightings will always be fascinating, if not terrifying, and this one off the coast of a Western Australian beach is no different.

Esperance film maker Dave Riggs filmed the massive shark just 50m off Fourth Beach at Twilight Bay with a drone on Saturday.

The sighting wasn’t far from one of WA’s most iconic and busiest beaches, West Beach, and Mr Riggs estimated the shark to be around five to six metres in size.

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Earlier this year 17-year-old surfer Laeticia Brouwer was killed in the same area as the shark sighting. Mr Riggs, who has made multiple documentaries about sharks, took to Facebook to address the increased number of sightings in the area.

“Rather than dwelling on our personal relationship with the ocean I reckon its time to consider what perhaps is the bigger picture here,” he wrote.

“Esperance has had a drama with small white shark/human interactions at Kelp Beds every year for some time now. Those sharks are quite light in colour, like they are coastal creatures.

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“The ones that are here right now are pretty much black, like they have followed the dead sperm whales we have on the beach down here at the moment from the deep waters off the shelf.

“We should be looking to tow these dead sperm whales back out to sea when they beach rather than spend 300k to send them to a rubbish tip.

“There’s no way you’re getting a D9, excavator and low loader beyond Alexander Bay where the other whale is beached.”

Other locals have also voiced concerns the whale carcass in Alexander Bay could be what’s attracting the sharks, according to The Australian.

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