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Former Prime Minister Paul Keating wants Prince Charles gone

“No great country has the monarch of another country as their head of state”
Paul Keating

Last week it was announced that Prince Charles would be returning to Australia for a visit.

However, one person who isn’t happy about this news is former Labour Prime Minister Paul Keating, who has pleaded for the future king to be dumped as the nation’s next head of state, Daily Mail reports.

“No great country has the monarch of another country as their head of state,” he said in a conversation with journalist Kerry O’Brien on Tuesday evening.

He admitted that it required a Prime Minister to take on the issue of a republic, which would see Australia cutting its ties with the Monarchy.

“You can have all the republican movements you like, but if a Prime Minister doesn’t want to take this on, it won’t happen.”

When asked by O’Brien what his thoughts were of Malcolm Turnbull as the new prime minister, he said, “The bar is now so low,” adding that he had seen a change in Mr Turnbull in the last few years.

“He has grown through his parliamentary career. His defeat has made him think about himself. I think he’ll be a better PM for it.”

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