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The surprising features women look for when buying their dream home

Have our priorities changed from the days of the white picket fence?

When shopping for a new house, attending countless open inspections with a hoard of others, it can be hard to read your competition. What are the prized features we look for when making one of the most important investments of our lives?
Knowing this information could put you in good stead to make a solid offer on a property in a competitive housing market. After all, if you know you’re after something everyone else is too, then you’re more likely to come in strong to take out the win.
So what exactly are women valuing in their homes in 2016?
Is the three-bedroom brick house with a backyard big enough to fit the Hills Hoist a thing of the past or still the great Aussie dream? It‘s safe to say that dream is still well and truly alive with 52% of female home owners (including first home buyers) in a recent Westpac Home Ownership Report stating a backyard was an essential feature when considering purchasing a home.
This was trumped for the top spot by, not surprisingly, buying within budget with 87% of women home owners listing this as their main priority when house hunting. This is why it’s crucial to get financial advice before you get emotionally attached to a place, so you know how much you can afford to spend.
In terms of area, women home owners said living in a safe and quiet neighbourhood was essential, with many also placing a high value on being near public transport. Surprisingly though, they were less likely to be concerned with finding a home with a modern bathroom and kitchen that was move-in ready, happy to do a little DIY work or leave it as it, as long as budget and backyard were ticked off the checklist.
However, while it’s all very nice to have a list of priorities, you might have to compromise what you can and can’t live without. If you’re keen to break into the property market or move up the ladder and, like many other women, budget is your number-one concern, then make sure you seek financial advice and stick to it.
When choosing a home that’s right for you, remember to consider not only what features appeal to your current lifestyle, but also what you might want in years to come, so your home can accommodate you into the future.
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