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Could Network Ten be planning to poach Samantha Armytage for their new big-budget breakfast show?

Apparently the station's new bosses have big plans for Seven's popular morning show host.
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Samantha Armytage is one of the most recognisable faces in Australia. Every day Sam’s dedicated viewers wake up to watch the host on Channel Seven’s Sunrise, which currently sits at at the top of the ratings as Australia’s most-watched morning show.

Not only is the broadcast journalist an Aussie favourite, she’s a network executive’s dream host; intelligent, bubbly, and not afraid to stir up some controversy. So it comes as little surprise that the new bosses at Network Seven have picked her as their next big star.

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, Network Ten, under ownership of broadcasting giant CBS, has hushed plans for a big-budget breakfast show hosted by the Sunrise star.

Reportedly, CBS is firming up the deal now and has plans to air the program late next year.

The timing could not be better for Sam and Network Ten with the morning host’s five-year contract with Channel 7 ending next year.

The Telegraph reports Sam earns a $500,000 salary at Sunrise, while her male-counterpart David Koch scores a whopping $1 million pay cheque. But, with executives at Ten receiving a “massive budget” by their new owner, the station will have no trouble matching Sam’s pay expectations.


Although the morning show host has made headlines for inadvertently butting heads with celebrities like Kathy Griffin and Kristen Davis, it’s reported that CBS believe having Sam on board will draw audiences away from ratings winner Channel Seven and give Network Ten a needed boost.

Sam, who has appeared on Sunrise since 2013, has refused to discuss any negotiations with Network Ten or CBS with a Seven spokeswoman saying “no comment” to The Daily Telegraph’s request.

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