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Kathy Griffin continues to attack Sam Armytage in a bizarre new rant

It's the Hollywood vs. Oz feud that no one wanted or needed.

By Chloe Lal
Kathy Griffin would like you and the rest of Australia to know that she is still very relevant.
From making enemies with the likes of Donald Trump and Ellen Degeneres, these days the comedian is taking aim at our local girl Samantha Armytage.
Back in August, the veteran Sunrise host called out Kathy, 56, on her unique publicity choices.
Sweet Sam Armytage learned the hard way that asking a disgraced comedian about her controversial stunt is one very big no-no.
The breakfast darling queried Kathy Griffin's decision to pose for the photo in which she was holding a fake severed head of US President Donald Trump .
Ever since that fateful chat, the Hollywood funny gal made a blood oath to be sworn Nemesis with David Koch's side-kick.
In May, the 56-year-old decided to respond to Donald Trump's Presidency by posing in a very confronting photo shoot, in which she holds his bloodied, decapitated head. The photo cost Kathy her job and her reputation.
At the time of the showdown, Kochie decided to just sit back and watch... Relive it all in the video at the top!
Staying true to her raging hate, Kathy Griffin made many low-blows at Sam Armytage's expense as she began the Sydney leg of her national comedy tour Laugh Your Head Off, on Saturday.
The Daily Telegraph recounted how the 56-year-old "joked" that Sam, politician Pauline Hanson, and tennis star Margaret Court were having a sexual relationship together.
The publication claimed that Kathy described Pauline as "Islamophobic" and Margaret as "homophobic".
Kathy stretched out her repertoire to national treasure Hugh Jackman, with the Sydney Morning Herald recalling that she said, "He's got to be at least fluid, right?"
According to the Telegraph, the only thing more brutal than the digs were the technical issues.
"The comedian was forced to stop the show for around 10 minutes while a sound issue which was rectified."
While Kathy laid into Sam, the TV reporter was in Perth where she hosted The Channel Seven Perth Telethon raising funds for sick kids.

In case you won't be dropping by one of Kathy's gigs, the redhead has furthered her cause against Sam, talking to Kyle and Jackie O on their radio show.
“I kind of put her on the map,” she told the duo.
“She has been doing interviews where she said that she thinks I’m unwell. She feels that my answer, when I told her she was full of crap, made me quote ‘unwell’ which makes me feel bad, because I heard she has scurvy.”
Meanwhile Sam didn't hold back when she dropped by Mark Latham’s Outsiders podcast earlier this month.
“I just thought she was a little bit unwell,” she quipped at the time.
“I wasn’t applying politics that day I just thought she was a little bit unwell — kooky is one word for it.”