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Australian Actress Carmen Duncan dies after battle with cancer

The star of Cop Shop and All Saints was 76.
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Australian actress Carmen Duncan, has died aged 76, following a battle with cancer.

According to SBS, a spokesperson for St Vincents Hospital confirmed the death on Sunday afternoon, February 3rd.

The acclaimed actress had a 60-plus year career in Aussie film and television, starting with her film debut in Don’t Let it Get to You.

She also had success with roles in Cop Shop, All Saints, Water Rats, Always Greener and Another World.

Vale Carmen Duncan.

Carmen is survived by her two children, Duncan and Amelia.

Tributes have begun to flow in honouring the late actress.


Carmen beat cancer an incredible three times before ultimately succumbing to the illnes.

In a 2017 interview with Woman’s Day, Carmen and her sister, actress Paula Duncan, spoke about the shock diagnosis.

“It was my third bout of cancer, having survived both breast and colon cancer,” she said.

Carmen and her sister, Paula. (Source: Woman’s Day)

“In May 2017, after feeling something was wrong and undergoing an array of tests and biopsies, I was told I may have a rare type of aggressive cancer.”

The grandmother-of-three said her blood ran cold upon hearing the dreaded C-word again – but her “sanity saver” was the immense love and support of her wonderful family, including her two children Duncan and Amelia, her brothers Warren and Bob and, of course, her sister Paula.

Carmen battled cancer three times before she passed away. (Source: SBS)

Carmen made a splash in the 1980s, playing arch bitch Iris Wheeler on the hit US soap Another World, for which she received an Emmy nomination, before family lured her home.

“Despite the glitter and glamour of working in Hollywood and New York, I genuinely missed my family, my brothers and my baby sister Paula, which is why I called it quits and returned to Australia in the late ’90s.”

Vale Carmen Duncan.

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