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Allison Langdon receives significant salary cut in transition to A Current Affair role

Is the new gig worth it?
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Current Today Show co-host Allison Langdon is officially set to join weeknight program A Current Affair following the departure of long-time host Tracy Grimshaw.

Nine announced the replacement via Instagram, saying: “For over two decades, she’s been one of television’s most trusted voices with a world of experience. Fearless and razor sharp.

“In 2023, A Current Affair welcomes Ally Langdon. A new era.”

She has allegedly received a major salary cut.

(Image: Instagram)

However, Ally was reportedly hesitant to sign the new contract according to The Daily Telegraph and stalled negotiations after discovering she would receive a “hefty six-figure pay cut.”

It is believed that Ally’s salary while on the Today show was $1 million to work 17.5 hours per week. But now insiders claim Ally’s new position at A Current Affair see’s the coveted host recieving $250,000 per year for 2 hours of weekly on-air time from Monday to Thursday,

The former ACA host Tracy Grimshaw was allegedly on an annual salary of $750,000 but The Daily Telegraph maintained that Ally “secured a better deal” than Tracey.

Today show co host Allison Langdon is taking up the iconic role.

(Image: Nine)

“Ally has built her career on trust, empathy and a commitment to journalistic excellence. She will start on air on Monday January 30, 2023.”

Responses were mixed, with some excited to see Ally take over the iconic role, and others sceptical.

Langdon’s show jump opens up questions about her replacement on The Today Show opposite Karl Stefanovic, as ratings continue to slump for the national breakfast show which has fallen behind Sunrise for the last three years.

WATCH NOW: Sylvia Jeffreys talks A Current Affair and working with Tracey Grimshaw. Article continues after video.

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Popular reporter and former US correspondent Amelia Adams, who also notably took up a role with 60 Minutes, installed alongside Stefanonic on Today.

Longtime fill-in Sarah Abo is also reportedly in the mix.

Regardless of what happens, whoever takes up the Today baton would be the ninth woman to serve as co-host alongside Stefanoic in the 17 seasons the breakfast show has been on air.

For ACA, it will be the first new host since Grimshaw stepped in full-time for award winning broadcaster Ray Martin in 2006.

Tracy was keeping the secret close to her chest!

(Image: Nine)

Speaking with Kyle Sandilands, who noted it was ”disappointing that Tracy was hanging up her journalist kitten heels”, Tracy spoke about her resignation, saying: ”I’m tired, I need a rest, I’ve been going hard for a long time.”

”Every person who has been speculated about is an exemplary person and the person the network [Channel 9] for this position is perfect.”

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