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Carrie Bickmore, Lara Worthington and Rebecca Gibney lead the Aussie celebs supporting Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion

''We're all feeling a little hopeless.''
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As the rest of the world watches on at the horrors Ukrainian people are being faced with following Russia’s invasion, it’s almost impossible not to become overwhelmed with feelings of despair, sadness and fear.

While speaking out about the atrocities being committed in the eastern European nation can seem hopeless, some Australian celebrities are using their platforms for good, shining a light on the war and rounding up donations.

Carrie Bickmore, Rebecca Gibney, Brooke Blurton and Lara Worthington are just some of the many Aussies sharing their grief over the unfolding situation.

Keep scrolling to see how our homegrown stars are doing their bit to support Ukraine.

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Carrie Bickmore

As an ambassador for UNICEF Australia, the ongoing crisis in Ukraine is particularly close to Carrie’s heart.

The Project host shared a photo of a Ukrainian child, saying kids in the European country need the same protection afforded to Aussie kids.

“This is Liza. She’s growing up in eastern Ukraine, but she deserves exactly the same things as a child here in Australia: clean water, a safe place to learn and a loving home undisturbed by violence. An escalation in conflict in Ukraine is putting all that at risk,” Carrie wrote.

“As a @unicefaustralia Ambassador, I’m standing with UNICEF teams around the world to call for immediate and lasting peace so that Liza and the 7.5 million children like her in Ukraine can have the childhoods they deserve.”

Carrie also shared a link in her Instagram bio and encouraged her followers to donate to displaced families in Ukraine.

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Lara Worthington

The Aussie model didn’t just stop at spreading awareness for the conflict in Ukraine. The mother-of-three made the selfless decision to give a percentage of her wages to humanitarian efforts in the country.

“Inspired by my friend Mica, I’m going to be donating a portion of my earnings from the past two weeks in Australia towards efforts in the Ukraine. To my friends and colleagues feeling the same way – or any way, may this help you too. Love Lara,” she penned.

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Rebecca Gibney

The Packed to the Rafters actress did her part by encouraging followers to donate to global charity World Vision.

“Families are in crisis as conflict escalates across Ukraine. World Vision is on the ground in Eastern Europe preparing to meet the needs of children and families fleeing the country,” Rebecca wrote.

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Brooke Blurton

The former Bachelorette admitted that while she isn’t overly religious, the horror unfolding in Ukraine has made her want to pray for the nation.

“We’re all feeling a little hopeless but we can only do what we can do. I know myself, am only just putting my head down, bum up, but every time I’m looking up, I’m seeing the news, the shock and the fear in the world,” she penned.

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Rachael Finch

The former Miss Universe Australia has felt the impacts of the conflict more personally as her husband Michael ‘Misha’ Miziner is from Ukraine.

“Such a heavy heart over the past few days watching and listening to events unfold in Ukraine. Devastating for the families being torn apart, children suffering, people losing their homes, their lives, and experiencing a fear like no other. I can’t even imagine what it must be like,” she wrote.

Rachael said the news has been hard for Misha to watch as he has many friends and family living in Ukraine and Russia.

“Nothing but prayers and love. Let’s all hope for a peaceful outcome so soon.”

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Debra Lawrance

The former Home and Away star shared a photo of the Sydney Opera House lit up in the Ukrainian flag’s colours, writing: “Is anyone else waiting for the news that [Russian president Vladimir] Putin has been taken ill and someone sensible taken his place?”

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Tully Smyth

The Big Brother alum said she feels “so bloody helpless and useless” watching the Ukrainian horror unfold from her home in Melbourne.

“I’m educating myself on the conflict, I’m donating where I can and I’m trying to use my platform to encourage people to do the same,” she wrote on Instagram.

“But my heart is so heavy for so many people all over the world right now and I feel so f–king helpless.”

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Martha Kalifatidis

Martha took to Instagram to encourage people to be sensitive to Ukrainians and Russians living in Australia.

The former MAFS star shared a photo of her cosmetic surgeon, writing: “Dr. Miller is half Ukrainian and half Russian. Please be patient with her and the team if you’re trying to book appointments as it’s a particularly stressful time.”

Martha also shared a recourses slide showing organisations that Aussies can donate to.

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