Devoted husband learns how to apply makeup for his blind wife

We’re not crying, you are.
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Who said chivalry is dead? It’s certainly not for this cute couple. Brian’s wife, Jean, is slowly going blind and needs more and more help with her everyday tasks, such as putting on her makeup. That’s why Brian decided to step in and learn how to apply her makeup, with help from the staff at a local cosmetics store.

Twitter user Scott Summers posted a now-viral tweet of the couple at a makeup store. “I could actually cry! Relationship goals 😭❤️,” he captioned the tweet.

According to the tweet, this is not the first time Brian and Jean have come in for tips. “Why I love my job so much!” reads the text that Summers uploaded with the photo of the couple. “Meet Jean and Brian, two of our very loyal customers. Brian was in for another makeup lesson today, as he does his wife’s makeup everyday, as she is going blind. Such a wonderful couple who live their life to the full[est]!”

Yes, you read that right. He does her makeup every single day. What a doting husband! (And to think, some of us need to remind our husbands to take the trash out.) Of course, many women want to feel beautiful as they age, but Brian takes it a step further by actually helping Jean continue to look and feel her best.

From the photo, it appears he does a pretty good job with eye shadow and blush, don’t you think?

As expected, the Twitter replies show that everyone’s hearts are melting over Brian’s love for his wife.

We all might need to reapply some of our own makeup after reading that!

This post originally appeared on our sister site, Woman’s World

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